Spirituality Moves You Away From Your True Self

When you try to be, or do a thing, what you are saying to the universe is that “I am not there yet,” and it is this thought that keeps you from experiencing what you desire. By the law of attraction you can never be what you are trying to be.

It is the very same with the true nature of who you are. You are nothing experiencing “being” something. You already are what you think you are and your existence is a demonstration of the thought process which created you.

In the physical life you choose the different rolls or scripts you are playing. Trying to be spiritual is simply another script or play. You are spirit trying to find its way back to spirit. You are trying to define yourself by creating an illusional experience of one possibility of your existence.

From the second you awake into consciousness you recreate yourself in physical experience. While you were asleep you did not know yourself. When you awoke you started to put it all back together. I am awake, I am male, a spouse, father, employee that needs to stop thinking and get ready for work. Throughout the whole day you reaffirm your place in time and space and when you go to sleep again tonight you will have forgotten who you are. Everything you do, all day long, says this is me-this is who I am.

This is a false existence, an illusion and your ego requires this constant affirmation that it exists-it does not! The real you, the truth about who and what you are is what you were before you started thinking-before your mind gets involved.

To “be” you have to start from somewhere or nowhere. To be what you believe yourself to be right now-you started as nothing. So nothing is your true nature and everything else is made up. You cannot be nothing because nothing is not a state of being. However, from the knowledge of your true nature you can fully appreciate the illusion of what you now believe yourself to be.

From this understanding you will know nothing is all you will ever be and nothing is really all there is. You will also begin to understand that everything is nothing and nothing can not be created or destroyed. You will always exist in one form or the other.

The true magnificence and miracle of what you are is appreciated from this understanding. You will also understand that there is nothing you cannot be. You are everything. You are the creator and the created. You are the ego, tree, rock, sky, your friend, your enemy-you are all things which you experience. You are not one with the tree or sea, you are them. It is only within the illusion of your own consciousness you believe otherwise.

The reason you cannot find the creator, your god, the source, is because it is you. And you can never experience being these things while you are looking for them. You can never experience what you truly are, while you are “being” something.

This does not mean you should turn away from the illusion. “Being” is the whole purpose for being here. There simply is “nothing” you have to be, do, or say to know who you truly are. The physical life was created for purpose-your purpose. The knowledge or truth about who you really are gives greater meaning to your purpose and what you chose to experience before you started “being” it.

You come from nothing and you will go back to nothing, and in between you are nothing trying to experience being something. You are all there is and nothing. You are the expression of nothing. You do not go anywhere or be anything-you are all there is. “We” are not all one because there is no “we”-there is only the one.

When you know your true magnificence-you will experience being magnificent-you will know your awesome power and the true state of who you really are.