Spirituality – Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 96 )

A few weeks had gone by since my return from the land of mysteries. To me, this ancient place always conjured up visions of fiercely armed warriors charging across the plains to do battle with opposing armies. It is interesting to observe how some of the most awesome experiences of one’s life could quickly fade into vague memories. Such was the case with my Indian “adventures” as I fell into the routine of daily life again.

Every now and then I’d think of Gideon and Marla. But they,too, didn’t command prime time on my daily priority list. There were more pressing duties,like completing a manuscript and beginning a new one, preparing for a lecture tour, buying new shoes for Jonathan, helping Malika fix a flat tire, refinancing my business and countless other activities all competing for my time and attention.

This day, I was quietly relaxing on my back porch, half-asleep, dimly observing the activities of the wildlife in the back yard. It had been a rather hectic day and I felt a few minutes of relaxation before dinner would do me some good.Exhausted, I must have dozed off for the next thing I remember hearing was someone calling my name.I opened my eyes to the sight of Gideon and Marla standing before me.

“Greetings!” said Gideon,“didn’t want to wake you, but we have to talk. Can you spare a few minutes?”

Before I could answer, Marla came over, gave me a big hug and gently kissed me on the cheek. “It’s been a few weeks, John, but we needed to get together with you.”

Now, I was wide-awake, wondering about the urgency of their visit. “I’ve missed both of you,” I said, as they each took a chair, “and I trust all has been well. But why the big hurry to talk to me?”

“We just came from a meeting with the Chief,” said Gideon. “You remember? The Big Chief? The Creator of the Universe? Alphaand Omega? Remember meeting Him yearsago?”

“How could I forget? Still seems like a strange dream,” I answered. “Once on a sailing ship, then in an office in the Big City and another time at a party gathering. Both of you, too. It all seemed quite real.”

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