Spirituality Information – The Black Crow Which Never Went To The Doctor

My son, Vignesh turns six tomorrow. Two years back when i had some serious illness i had to visit the doctor every other day. I used to take my son with me to the doctor. As i was recovering from the illness, one day out of the blue he asked me ” Appa(Dad) why do you go to the doctor again and again? Tell him to give you something so that you dont ever have to go back to him……..” It cheered up all the patients in the hospital . I also had a hearty laugh…. But that night after my son had gone to sleep that thought again hit me…..

Every problem has a physical and psychological component to it. The physical loss heals pretty quickly on most occasions while the psychological ones might even remain with you all through your life. We experience more pain because of our inability to tackle the psychological aspect of our problems. Psychological pain is many times greater than the physical ones on most occasions. And herein lies the rub. My son was correct when he said ” Dad why do you go to the doctor again and again?” Physical pain needs to be healed by a doctor but everyone in this world has been gifted with an inbuilt system which can tackle the psychological part of the pain…..

Contrary to what you have been taught I do not share my problems with anyone. Here is the reason why. There is a famous quote” We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” The people you share your problems with are at the same level of thinking as yours or maybe even lower. They can listen to you, sympathise with you and even give you advice but on most occasions it would not work. If you have a great spiritual teacher or friend count your lucky but those people are very rare. So here is what i do…. Over the years i have identified and evolved a second character within me. I term this character as the observor or the higher force within me who does not get affected by my day to day lifestyle. I as an experiencer feel the pain and pleasure of every act but this character which i have developed within me is neutral. He is equal to the force of God. He is my real self. So instead of sharing my problems with others i go deep inside me and evoke this second character called my real self and take instructions from him in solitude.

The biggest issue we all face in life is we have doubts about the authenticity of the source from which we get information. This problem is solved when you evoke the greatest force within you to advice you on key matters of your life. When the Hero within you arrives you know for certain that victory is just around the corner. My son was right. I was stupid to visit the doctor again and again. I had the greatest spiritual doctor right inside of me…..