Spirituality Information – Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 8 )

I glanced at my watch, noticing we had less than an hour or so before touch down. Dinner had just been served, but I had no desire for airline food. Not far from the airport is a café-style restaurant where I frequently stop when I travel. I thought I’d stop there on my way home and grab a bite. Seeing Gideon again after all these years had rekindled in me a great curiosity about life. Much had changed since the first time I met him. While on a business trip, his car had broken down in our office parking lot. Since then, our friendship evolved into a student-teacher relationship. The ideas he’d shared continually served to remind me of the unlimited beings we are, if we could only believe.

Since those early days, the population at large had developed a much broader awareness of things unseen. Simultaneously, technology had advanced at such a rapid pace that even in the most remote corners of the world, one could watch the Olympic Games or witness a court- room trial as it occurred.

Countless books about the human spirit were written,causing many bookstores to expand their section devoted to spirituality. The media rediscovered the existence of angels and thus, angels were reborn on the human plane. In some of the most credible media, past lives and future lives were explored until one could meet an army of past- life Caesars, Cleopatras and kings and queens in any programming time slot.

It appeared that a blend of spirit and commerce enriched the bank accounts of many astute entrepreneurs who were quick to grasp the concept that the “poor in spirit” would pay royally to really “see God.” Authors, mystics, gurus and group leaders proliferated and brought ideas of a New World employing their newfound methods. Some spoke of a specific number of steps that were necessary for enlightenment. Others pointed out insights that were discovered in faraway lands under mysterious circumstances. And still others, in quiet, humble voices, whispered the cry of the ancient Hebrews, “Hear ye, O Israel, the Lord God is ONE!”

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