Spirituality Information – Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 69)

“Our kids, silly.” She giggled as she took my hand, just like she used to, and led me to a spot behind a clump of trees. Pandayji remained behind with Marla and Gideon, engrossed in conversation.

“What are our kids doing here? And how come Pandayji is here?” I questioned.

Before she could answer, I saw Malika and Jonathan in the moonlight. “Hi Dad,” shouted Malika, “we wanted to surprise you, but Jonathan gave it away.”

“No Dad,” Jonathan countered, “she spoiled the sur- prise. Mom told us you’d be here.”

I greeted them as if this sort of thing occurred everyday. Rather puzzled, I asked, “Your mom told you I’d be here?”

“Oh yes,” said Malika, “we visit with Mommy often. She tells us lots of things whenever we see her.” I knew I shouldn’t have asked.

They walked over to chat with Pandayji. I looked at them, then at Mardai and thought that this is the first time in years I’ve seen the entire family together. While part of me knew this meeting was temporary, I wanted to soak up and relish every moment.

“They seem so happy,” said Mardai. “In a way, I never really left them. I visit whenever I can and I still try to teach them as much as possible. They’re used to meeting me like this. I never left you, either. Malika and Jonathan will probably remember this event in different versions of a dream. Pandayji will also have vague recollections of a dream. Right now he is discussing some important matters with Marla and Gideon.”

“They know each other?” I asked.

“Of course, they do,” she replied, “many of us belong to the same large family and we get together from time to time to catch up with what’s been going on. Pandayji has always been like a brother to us. Don’t you remember how he helped during the complex adoption procedures for Malika and Jonathan? Without him, I doubt whether we could have accomplished such a giant task. When the judge issued the final adoption decrees, Marla and Gideon were standing right behind him. Then there’s the one known as Butch. A unique bond exists between the two of you that creates magic in other’s lives. All of us have known each other forever, it seems. And there are others whom you may not recognize at first, but who are, nevertheless, a part of our reality.”

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