Spirituality Information – Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 52)

“Of course, I liked it. But it’s just that you’re, well… you know… it’s that you are…”

She interrupted, “It’s just that I am Marla, right?”

“That’s it, Marla. That’s just it. If you were an…”

Again she finished my thought, “…an ordinary person. You were about to say that if I were an ordinary person, it would have been fine.” She took my hand and started walking back to the hotel. “If I were someone you felt comfortable with at all levels, you would have thought it was all right. Correct?”

“In a way you’re right, Marla. You are such a special person. You seem to have superhuman abilities. You’re so beautiful, so profound and so understanding. I just felt that you were out of my reach and, yet, I took a chance that you were not going to be offended.”

Marla, still holding my hand, stopped, turned, looked at me and smiled.“You must learn that everyone is special and everyone is ordinary. Once there was a Guru who had mastered all the problems and challenges Earth had to offer. He could walk on water, fly at will, travel anywhere instantly and performed fantastic miracles. One day, while teaching his disciples, he became invisible for a few minutes just to illustrate a point. When he reappeared, one of his disciples asked, ‘What new miracles and powers will you show us now that you have become so special?’ The Guru smiled at the question and replied, ‘You do not understand. The reason I can do all these things is that I have transcended. I have become ordinary.’ So you see, John, the more special we are, the more ordinary we become.”

“Sounds like a paradox to me,” I said.“Anyway, I really enjoyed our few moments together. And don’t worry. I know that ‘A kiss does not a relationship make.’ But goodness, Marla, that was fantastic!”

“I know,” she replied, and before I figured what was happening, we were joined in another long, tender kiss. It ended only too soon. She giggled saying, “And two kisses, do not a commitment make.”

We continued back to the hotel. Soon we’d be packed and ready to leave this island — this island of revelations.What reaction would Gideon have when he found out what had occurred between me and Marla?

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