Spirituality Information – Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 44)

“Oh, in about ten minutes would be fine,” said Gideon, and, turning to me he continued,“I hope you don’t mind, I ordered earlier so it would be ready whenever we were. I asked them to prepare your favorite dishes,John. Just a special surprise for you.” Jarvis smiled and left.

“Now, John,” continued Gideon,“you were telling us about a romantic situation. Was that the one with Kimberly or was it Cindy?”

I was stunned. “You knew about that? I never told anyone. It was Kimberly. I didn’t think you pried into such private matters.”

“Heavens! No! John, not the specifics. We do have a general idea, however, about what goes on in your life. We’re still assigned to help you, you know.”

“But of all the people,how did you guess it was Kimberly or Cindy? It could’ve been anyone else. I always knew that you and Marla know many things in ways I’m not even vaguely familiar with. But this?”

“You were wondering why you and Kim went separate ways when it was entirely possible to get to know each other better. You were broadcasting the question across the entire cosmos. People don’t really read other people’s minds. They pick up on the energy patterns that are sent flying all around the place.”

“Never at a loss for a good explanation, eh Gideon? Anyway, I was thinking of Kim. Let me tell you how. . . .”

“No need to tell me anything about it,” he interrupted, “just close your eyes and see yourself in the situation for a few seconds and both Marla and I will get all the information we need to comment on the problem, if there is one.”

“Yes,” Marla added, “it’s a much faster way of receiving information. Far better than word explanations. Words have so many different meanings and they’re almost always imprecise.Try it. Close your eyes and see yourself with Kimberly.”

“Weird,” I mumbled, “but here goes.” I closed my eyes and imagined the beach where Kimberly and I spent a few moments that evening, long ago. I was amazed at how effortless it was to recall the scene so vividly. I could see her sitting there on the beach next to me and hear her asking me about Knibbs when Gideon’s voice broke in.

“Here’s dinner now,” he said as Jarvis returned.

“It was just becoming interesting, Gideon,” I laughed.

“We got the picture, John,” winked Marla. “We’ll get right back to it as soon as dinner’s served.”

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