Spirituality Information – Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 30 )

Gideon’s comment made me realize we all need to be reminded every once in a while that this is a just and orderly universe. We are safe in it and any appearances to the contrary are just that — appearances. It’s the way we interpret what we observe that decides how we’ll meet the situation.

“So you’re reflecting on this, eh?”

“Tell me glorious, mysterious secrets of life, Gideon,not simple stuff about friendship and medals.”

“Mysterious secrets?” He had a look of mock horror on his face as he continued, “You don’t listen, John. I told you before, there is only one secret in the universe and it’s extremely simple. The secret is not in the Ambrose Stone. It’s not in the mountains, not in the skies or oceans. It’s right within you, Johnny Boy. Yes sir! Right within you.”

“O.K., O.K. So now I know where it is. Now tell me, wise guy, what is it? What’s this great secret?”

“That’s part of it. I can’t tell you. Everyone has to discover it for himself, or else it just doesn’t work.”

“A just universe you say, Gideon? And yet no one to help you when you’re running blind or lost? The good seem to suffer and the bad prosper. Damn it, Gideon, where the hell is justice?”

“Ha, got you going there,” he said, seeming pleased that I had lost control and raised my voice.

I ignored his remark as he continued, “I’m delighted you don’t seem to be ‘above it all’ any more. You can show some emotions and that’s good. Emotions are the colors that bring variety to the picture of life. Don’t control them. Manage them.”

“Still doesn’t seem right, Gideon,”I remarked and just listened to what he had to say.

“In a way, it’s not your problem, John. All your friends were given an opportunity to help and, thus, a great opportunity for growth. Those who could most afford to help you, passed up a wonderful chance for the growth of their souls. Those who could least afford, but helped anyway, gained so much in the simple act of stretching out a helping hand.

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