Spirituality Information – Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 17 )

“That’s one of the main reasons we’re back with you,” said Marla.“There are other reasons, of course, but this is by far the most important. By the time we’re finished with these adventures, there’ll be no need for us to work with you in this way and you’ll go on to finish the task you had set for yourself.You’ll sing your song, you’ll accomplish your mission, you’ll fulfill your destiny, so to say.”

“One secret you say? Only one? Aren’t you aware that as we approach the end of the millennium, there are those who talk about ten methods, fifteen steps, various insights or ‘Eleven Secrets of the Universe’? Even Moses had ten laws.” I looked really smug as I said that.

“Yes, yes, I know that,” replied Gideon,“but let’s not get too involved in details at this time. Eventually you’ll understand what we mean.”

“Gideon,”I said,looking him straight in the eye,“I wasn’t going to bring this up at all, but I have this overwhelming urge to ask. I also know that I’ve asked this before, but I’ve got to ask again. It’s been a number of years since Mardai died. Naturally, the children and I still miss her very much. Sometimes we feel her presence close to us. Does either of you know where she is and what she’s doing? There are times when it feels like it was just yesterday when she died. Other times, it seems like decades.”

Marla answered,“Why did I feel that you wouldn’t let us leave without asking that question? We ourselves haven’t been in touch recently, but from what we’ve heard, she is deeply involved in helping recent arrivals to adjust. We do, however, know for a fact, that she keeps an eye on the children and that she’s been around you quite often during your tough times. Again, you’ll probably find out much more later.”

It got quiet for a while. Ever since Mardai died we’ve remembered her every day. It’s not like being unwilling to let go, but more of a feeling that there is just a thin veil that separated her reality from ours. During quiet moments, the veil splits for a while and there is contact between the two worlds —hers and ours. I really feel it so strongly at times. I can almost hear the voices of those who have moved away from us into that other world.

“Not different realities, John,” said Gideon, breaking into my thoughts, “one reality with different perspectives and interpretations and aspects.”

“Gideon, I guess it’s about time for us to leave,” said Marla. Gideon nodded and said, “We’ll be in touch with you again soon, John. We’ll also tell you a little more about the greatest secret of life. Don’t worry, we’ll pop in from time to time.”

Marla stood up,walked around the table,held my hand, squeezed it very gently and said, “Don’t look so sad, dear John. Life is meant to be a journey in joy, a major celebra- tion. You’ll see.” She leaned over, gave me a hug and both she and Gideon went out the door waving good-bye as they left.

I sat there alone for a while, wondering about these two other-worldly friends of mine who have come into my life on a number of occasions to teach me the secrets of the universe. Now they tell me that there is actually only one secret and they’ll help me find it. I was ready.

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