Spirituality Information – Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 16 )

Gideon took another sip of coffee, leaned back in his chair and looked at me through half-closed eyes. “It’s been such a long time since we’ve done any fun things together. Marla and I have checked with others in the company and they’ve all agreed that we should take you along on one of our travels. Even the Chief thought it’d be a good idea.”

“A trip? Super! I’d really love that!” I said, bubbling with anticipation. Those who worked for him always referred to the President and Chairman of the Board of G & M Enterprises, the company Gideon and Marla worked for, as “Chief.” We had met a number of times in the past and I would love to visit with this amazing personality again.

“But tell me more,please,” I continued.“How is the Chief? Where will we go? When can we start? Will I be able to have a meeting with him? You know, like the ones I had years ago? Come, come, tell me!”

Both Marla and Gideon burst out laughing.“One thing at a time, John,” he said. “We’ll get to all your questions, but one at a time. First, the Chief sends his regards. Most times, he sends them directly to you, but he said something to the effect that often you mistake them for junk mail or are too busy to notice. And sure, we’ll go on a trip or two.”

“That sounds great! It’s been quite a while since I’ve been on a vacation. I’m anxious to get started. Tell me more! Will the children come too?”

“Notnowforthechildren,”saidMarla,“theyhaveother things to do. And in their own way, they are familiar with some of what we’ll be doing. Remember that we’re all connected by bonds that span eternity itself, so your children, we, and others of us are related in wonderful ways. Many of us know the same things and help the others to remember.”

“I remember the trips we took long ago. The learning experiences,the adventures. I can’t wait!”

“Our idea is to help you find,” said Gideon, “the great secret of life. There is only one secret of life. And it’s really not even a secret, since it’s been around for a long time. We’ll tell you where to find it and, perhaps, how to use it. It’s simpler than you think.”

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