Spirituality Information – John Harricharan’s Interview With Terri Marie (Q2)

Terri Marie: And I can’t wait to tell, it’s launched in the very, very near future and I know it’s going to be great. You’ve talked a lot about energy and how the universe is made up of energy. And I believe our goal is to get to the higher vibration sets where we can attract more of the things that we desire. How do we get to the higher vibrations? Can you give some simple steps or some guidelines to point people down the path towards raising their energy vibration?

John: Yes, the simpler answer is 848.

Terri Marie: Okay. And could you give me the complex part of that answer.

John: And the reason I said that is because there is no simple nor complex answer. There is just an answer, which we at this stage of our evolution have no idea of. We might think we know and we know a little bit more than we did five centuries ago. But I think it’s an evolution in spirit and mind maybe even in body and I won’t touch that part of it, but it’s a growth and a learning of the spirit because all the laws of the universe exist right now just like they did 10 centuries ago or 10 millennium ago.

The knowledge of how to fly an airplane or build a 747 jet existed millions of years ago, it just didn’t come up here, just didn’t appear in one blinding movement of truth, the art of flying given to the Wright brothers from which a lot of our flying evolved. But it was there, the concept and mathematics, that one plus one equal to two, existed forever, just like every other law exists right now.

We are given an opportunity to learn them, discover them for ourselves and use them and it will appear to me having spent some time or quite some time, if you will, with some of the masters of the Far East, some yogi masters and Shambhala masters, having one of them being my teacher actually in some little way.

I am convinced that this is an energy universe and energy has vibration, and vibrations and energy are interchangeable just like energy and matter are interchangeable. So what I am driving at right now, Terri Marie, is to say there is no difference and there is no disconnection between every life form on earth or in the universe and I am sure there are lots of others and we are in touch with one another and we can influence one another whenever we get into the proper frequency, because frequency again and vibrations and so forth they all have a scientific background. And it’s a matter of being tuned into the right station.

Right now as we speak, all the radio stations in your area are on the air simultaneously not sequentially, one doesn’t start and then stops for the other one to follow. They are all broadcasting right now. And if you have your beautiful little radio tuned into one of them, you will exclude all the others. If you want to change from that one, you just turn the knob or the dial or whatever is it to another frequency. And when you do that you will exclude the one you were just listening to.

So in the universe in all time space situations, there are various frequencies and we through meditation, through player, through quiet or the inner silence, could tune into these very stations.

For example, let’s say one is having a difficulty with acquiring abundance wealth. One gets to the spot where you tune into the wealth channel. You become really still. As you do that, the frequency is such that data will flow to you, inspiration will flow to you, and you will be moved to do the exact things that will lead you to tremendous success in obtaining the money you want. Same goes for relationship and so forth.

Terri Marie: John, is that something that you’re going to help people with on the Spiritual simplicity site?

John Harricharan: I will certainly give them tips and show them how they could achieve that. It’s not very difficult. When I say it’s not very difficult, I mean there is some effort. The very simple thing of getting into the silence seems so simple when I become quiet. No, saying so doesn’t really make it so. You have to practice. I think anyone could become a master in about three weeks. Give or take a couple of days. Of course, I’m being