Spirituality Information – John Harricharan ‘s Interview With Terri Marie (Q6)

Terri Marie: And we all can help each other. I loved your analogy of the book and the pages and time. I — that really made it clear that we could be doing many-many other things with our souls that we’re not aware of in our normal consciousness, and when we go through a different consciousness we can find that. Do you — I know from your best selling “Morning has All Night Been Coming,” but also especially your first one in the series, “When you can walk on water and take the boat.” Right, that you talk about guides, can you talk about the role of guides in our life. Do we all have them? How do we connect with them? Tell me what your feelings are on that John?

John Harricharan: I — if I were to be very — to look at it from an empirical standpoint. I would have to say, that there is absolutely no reason why I should be existing in earth life today, and speaking with you, Vish or anybody else. I should have been gone a long time ago, because there were so many things that occurred that seemed dangerous, that could have ended my life.

There were so many decisions that were made seemingly for me by another part of me or some area that I couldn’t understand that led me into certain things that made me who I’m today. After I look at all of these things, and I did quiet some studies on it, I understood that yes, there are angels, there are other beings, they are what some of us have called energy essence personalities. They could be others we have met in other times, and other places, alternate lifetimes. or they could be some that we have never met in the physical form. And they aren’t there to serve us, but to help us just as we are here to help each other, to help one another get on and grow in life.

And so I do believe, there are invisible forces and beings that guide me and they aren’t there like servants to serve me, but they are there as great friends and they do not interfere in my life except on real emergency situations.

They are there to help me if I ask them and request their help. They cannot interfere in our freewill and our growth either. So we have to request this help and we do many times by going into the silence or through prayer or by getting really quiet and feeling the messages coming from them. And this way being impelled to do the things that would take us in the right directions, they may contact us in dreams. They might do it just through a little incident and I have so many of those, which I will share when we get into the Simplicity site where I will show people how to be aware of this science. How to contact? Or be in contact with the energy essence personalities that are there to help us. And who watch over us and who guide us. Many times we write books, people ask me if my books were channeled.

No, the only channel I deal with, are those on the television. My books were not channeled, but what occurred was I had the feeling that the books were writing me. Now, if you want to call that channeling, that’s fine. I think we can call it anything we want, but what occurred was a part of me stepped aside, the part which was doubt and the part which would say no, this isn’t possible, and the story started to write itself through me. Where did it come from? Well, we need a few days to discuss that.