Spirituality Information – John Harricharan ‘s Interview With Terri Marie (Q5)

Terri Marie: And much more, which I’m delighted about John. Do you believe then, that we are predestined to meet certain people in our life journey?

John Harricharan: I do not take kindly to the word “predestined.” And let me explain why, not because it’s a bad word but I would like to put it in context “Is the oak seed predestined to become an oak tree. “ The answer is yes and no.

If it’s planted, if its nurtured, if its — if it has it’s share of sun and rain and soil, it would evolve into what it is always been, a giant oak tree. However, if it’s taken, put on the piece of rock and smashed with another rock, it — although it had that potential to be an oak tree that potential would have not come true. It would have been destroyed by the rock.

So, although, I do not think we are predestined for anything, we are like heat-seeking missiles. We do follow after something of the soul and our soul, which sees much more than we can see, if you want to call it over soul like Jane Roberts did, or our inner self or higher self or whatever it doesn’t matter. It has the larger picture of life than we do. And if we are tuned into that we would find it that there are certain people who would make our lives very interesting, and some of them who would make it absolutely hell.

And we may choose to meet, like I did, the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ of the world and also, we might choose some who would make my life sheer hell, and you might say, “Well, why would you be so silly as to choose that?” Well, nobody could answer for anybody else, but I think it’s because we find it interesting. It is because we find we need it for our own growth or soul growth.

And so, if we were to follow that discussion, we would come to the thought or the conclusion that maybe everything that happens to us wasn’t predestined. Nothing was predestined. We chose at a certain level. And we did that precisely because we needed those experiences to get us to where we want to go. That’s my short answer.

Terri Marie: And thank you for that answer, as well John. So do you think that, perhaps, there are some people that we have made arrangements with perhaps, before we came here to do something?

John Harricharan: Absolutely, I think life is so wonderful, so beautiful, so horrible, so great, so frustrating. So every emotion you could think of that we just could not have sprung up on this earth half a century ago for some of us or there is a lot less than half a century. And we just didn’t spring up fully made, totally this is not the end all and be all of it.

There are quantum physics, particle physic center, high energy physics or mathematicians and others are starting to say, for example I read a wonderful thing that talked about an equation that leads to infinity, which is 10 to the 5000 power, which I mean is a number beyond your conception. I think of other times being alternate times. Its simple, we do it right now in our dreams.

We go to sleep at night. Hopefully, and we have dreams whether we admit it or not, whether we remember them or not. And all of a sudden we find ourselves in our boyhood town or village or we find ourselves in a country far-far away. And we are double the age we are in the physical life that we are living. We’ve been doing all kinds of time travel there.

We’ve been experimenting with times space, no respectable scientist since the early twentieth century, will speak of time separate from space. So yes, it is my belief that we have lived before maybe not in the before and after situation. But that we are currently, right now as we talk as I speak with you I am sitting on the third star of Orion, and the Orion’s system. Orion sitting in the hill in Greece watching the sheep or I am running through the jungles of Africa and it is very possible that this is very similar to having a book with an infinite number of pages.

Let’s say, page 1 to page 1 million plus 1 multiply by 10 and what not and we are now you and I are now speaking we are on page 2007, whatever the line and paragraph and line are. But that all the previous pages exist and all the other pages, which we haven’t read yet, exist. And we certainly can jump from one page to the other and go back in time or go back in pages or go forward into the future. If we do that and we skip up much of pages, the story may not make in a lot of sense. But we are free to do that.

So somewhere along the pages and the lines of time and I use those words very loosely lines of time. We have made arrangements with each other to meet with each other for our own growth and for helping each other along the way and so we may have made agreements.

Let’s say bunch of us were passing by and one of those agreements and we took a look at planet earth one said to the other, “Tell you what, John, why don’t we stop by there and see what they are upto on earth these days?”. Maybe we will be able to lend them a hand and boom you’re born into Earth Life and immediately you forget or after a little while you forget where you were? How you got there? And you start living Earth Life and like most of us we start letting our lives live us instead of remembering where we came from. Remembering how safe we have been.

And so we do make arrangements with each other to get together in a little group, to help one another. I have no doubts in my mind that Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, I, Swamiji who was Professor Rishian in my book, and Brad Steiger, many of us have agreed, Terri Marie , Vish have agreed to get together, make connection again and do something that is so wonderful to help our other brothers and sisters as they too struggle up the mountain.