Spirituality Information – Bad Things Will Always Happen To Good People.

God loves ordinary beings. That is His strength. He does special things for good people. He will help you meet with an accident, he will take away everything from you, he will ensure that you get into deep trouble…. If you think i am insane here you probably are right but God is not… He knows how to play His Game and take care of his beloved ones here on earth…. Bad things will Always Happen to Good people. Here is reason why…..

Good people carry out their day to day duties deligently. They are honest in their dealings and they do not have a crooked mind. They believe in God more than they believe in themselves. God loves all of them . He wants to help them. God conveys his love to these people in various forms through persons,ideas, and events. God knocks at the door of good people everyday but these simpletons do not understand. They fear to open the door. God wants to come in but they are afraid to open the door….. So what does God do…?

Here is what He does. He pushes the door open. He wants to come in … He is more desperate to help you . He does special things for you because he knows good people learn quickly only when bad events happen to them …. Bad events are the need of the hour for good people… There is nothing so bad that can happen to you once you realise that the force which makes all this happens comes from a source which is so genuine that its only intention is to take you to the next level.

Bad things will Always Happen to Good people. Why do you fear when you know that a higher force is entering into your body? Allow those bad things to happen to you just as you allow good things to enter into your life. Good and bad things are both God sent. Don’t doubt the master. He is working for you and he has far greater and bigger plans for you than you thought…