Spirituality and Business: 3 Powerful Tips For Unleashing Your Intuition

If you really want to know “the secret,” access your business creativity and live your Life Purpose, there’s one jewel in your treasure chest you must dig out, polish up and wear proudly – the gem is your intuition. Without it, you are likely to be confused and looking to others for your own answers.

Now, that being said, it’s perfectly good and necessary to seek out spirituality and business knowledge from others. However, there is a difference between being a workshop junkie and being a truth seeker. The workshop junkie looks for the next quick fix of temporary, adrenaline-induced inspiration (quick to wear off), while the truth seeker looks within and asks, “Hey you, what do you really want to study and learn about next?” She then finds her next step – whether it be a new relationship, an enlightening book, a tele-class or a workshop (wisdom lasts a lifetime).

What makes the difference between these two kinds of women entrepreneurs? One trusts their intuition and the other doesn’t. So, you may be asking, how do I TRUST my intuition more?

Here are three powerful tips for unleashing your intuition that I’ve discovered in my almost ten years experience as a hand analyst/palmist, and spirituality and business coach.

Tip #1: Trust the FIRST impression that comes.
Your impression could be a vision (psychic/clairvoyant), a disembodied voice (clairaudient), a gut feeling (intuition/kinesthetic response), or a simple ‘knowing’ that without explanation, forethought or planning, ‘flashes’ into your mind.

With my visual psychic/clairvoyant ability, I see imagery either “inside” my mind or “outside” my mind as if on an invisible movie screen. For example, many years ago, I was at a friend’s party giving short palm readings to the guests. As one woman sat down in front of me, I saw twelve angels around her. The angels weren’t visible in the way that she was – I saw them energetically and could feel their energy in the physical space with us. Curious and a wee bit nervous, I said, “Are you aware that you have twelve angels walking around with you?” She said, cool as a cucumber, “Oh, yes,” and then proceeded to tell me some of their names!

Tip #2: Ask your heart for spirituality and business intuition.
Close your eyes and put your right hand over your heart. Breathe in and out slowly, feeling the rhythm of your heart beat. Then quietly ask your heart, “Heart, what do you want right now?” Since your heart processes emotion, NOT thoughts, it will usually respond with a simple, one- or two-word “feeling” answer such as “love,” “forgiveness,” “patience,” “action,” etc. You will probably hear these answers in your head, in your own voice.

Usually my heart answers, “I want peace and joy.” However tonight, while writing this article, my heart gave me the longest answer ever. My heart said, “Beth, stop pushing yourself. I want you to be kind and gentle to yourself. Take care of yourself and do those things that make you feel pretty and happy.” Pretty and happy? Never got that one before. Wow, I guess I have my homework!

Tip #3: Build your self-esteem.
In her book, Anatomy Of The Spirit, the great energy medicine expert, Caroline Myss wrote, “How we feel about ourselves, whether we respect ourselves, determines the quality of our life, our capacity to succeed in business, relationships, healing, and intuitive skills [emphasis mine]. Self-understanding and acceptance, the bond we form with ourselves, is in many ways the most crucial spiritual challenge we face. In truth, if we do not like ourselves, we will be incapable of making healthy decisions. Instead, we will direct our personal power for decision-making into the hands of someone else. Someone whom we want to impress or someone before whom we think we must weaken ourselves to gain physical security. People who have a low sense of self-esteem attract relationships and occupational situations that reflect and reinforce this weakness.” (This lack of self-esteem is the #1 reason why women entrepreneurs don’t use their intuition.)

After reading thousands of hands, I believe that the “Life Lesson” of humanity involves self-esteem issues. If you doubt yourself, how are you going to trust something as subtle, fast and laser sharp as your intuition? Having good self-esteem is vital to harnessing the power of your intuition. And here’s the catch: If you ask and don’t listen, your intuitive awareness may go into hibernation. If you ask and listen, but don’t ACT, you create stagnation, procrastination and all sorts of spirituality and business ills.

Copyright (c) 2007 Elizabeth Davis