Spiritual Enlightenment and Mind Machines – Kundalini and the Basics of the Spiritual Path (Part Four of Four)

Artificial Method

The kundalini is easily awakened using light and sound sessions. Indeed it is only the sound portion of light and sound sessions that is needed to awaken the kundalini. The principle involved is quite simple. All you have to do is to use a session to put yourself into a very deep trance like state and then stimulate the mind. Nothing is easier to do with a light and sound session. This works is because the trance like state removes the ego’s barriers and the stimulation awakens the kundalini. This is equivalent to saying that the trance state unlocks the door, and the stimulation open it. After the door is open it is up to you to follow through. The session will awaken automatically the kundalini, however you have to be ready to commit to its rising. The following frequencies are
the ones used within the enlightenment session:

Stage 1 & 3

257 250

236 243

Stage 2

261 254

233 240

Stage 1 & 3 provides the trance state. Stage 2 provides the stimulation. There are a great many things that you need to know before you can begin to successfully use this session: durations, waveform, volume, filters, exact practice, what to do if the trance state doesn’t take, etc. All of these things, plus who should or should not use light and sound session, what to expect to occur at various frequencies, how to write effective sessions, and much more is explained in the Awakening Mind manual listed within the back of this monograph. The effects of either the trance or the stimulative state taken separately wear off after a couple of days. After that time it is all your energy and you must either do what it takes to keep the kundalini going or resist it and shut it down. The next section is all about keeping the kundalini going.

Riding The Kundalini

The way to ride the kundalini is to pay its price. The price of the kundalini is not demanded of you, it is simply asked. It is always your decision whether you will give that price or not. . .Always. The price of the kundalini is very simple. Every time you feel the blissful effects of the kundalini simply loose yourself in it, no matter what. This is the same as saying that you give complete devotion to the Spirit of God, nothing more, nothing less. What primarily is asked of any disciple of the kundalini is simply that you surrender yourself to it and loose yourself in it (as you might loose yourself in a good movie at a theater). Also, when the spirit within you asks you to do something; simply do it. I doubt very much that you will be asked to do anything harmful. However, the fundamental price of the kundalini is that you lose the ego within it and fully cooperate with it to the best of your ability. Render unto God, that which is God’s (who you are and what you are devoted to (what you want)). It is that simple. Eventually, you will be asked to let go of any material desires or attachments that blocks full awareness. What will be shown to you in return is that you are not who you thought you were and that what you thought you wanted, wasn’t what you wanted at all.


The kundalini changes everything. It can alter your life forever. The kundalini is the awakening of true spirituality in humans. It is not without risks, but then nothing in life is. It is however the most remarkable and fulfilling journey you will ever take. I have written this monograph as an aid to those who have, are, or will undergo a kundalini awakening. It is meant to be a reference work to keep any serious student on track and to honestly inform anyone thinking about taking this journey. I wish you all of the best in your spiritual journeys.

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