Spirit Space Fills In Some Gaps

“Spirit Space” the documentary has just been released and I reviewed the DVD last night. If you have seen “The Secret” then you will have a pretty good feel for this DVD as the format is very similar.

On the evolutionary highway, I would have released “Spirit Space” first as it fills in some of the gaps and answers some of the questions left behind by “The Secret.” I don’t believe either of the DVD’s went far enough and the viewer is left with still more unanswered questions.

“Spirit Space” rattles our cage a bit with a primer on Quantum Physics, reincarnation and death (crossing over). This is old ground for me and I was looking for more. However, the two DVD’s put together would create a small step for those who are ready, and any step out of our box is a giant step.

For the spiritually aware, both documentaries have one obvious flaw. Although they imply that religion is outdated or old school they still contain the same thread that weaves religion and ties it together. These movies talk about God and us; it is the same duality touted by religion which separates Man from God. It is the same dogma that has chained humanity for millennia, and after so many centuries of Man; he still doesn’t know that he is the God he seeks, that he is the power that creates. The message in the film will never make any sense until there is an awareness of the true nature of man. Religion does not answer priority questions about spirituality and neither do these films or any that I have seen. Religion and New Age are just steps to enlightenment; they are not ends.

The directors are still clinging to a precipice of fear, afraid to let go or offend anyone. The principals of manifesting as in “The Secret” or the contemplation of creation, death and reincarnating documented in “Spirit Space” has little meaning to a victim or someone who doesn’t seem himself in control.

There is a whole new perspective that gives real meaning to New Age philosophy. If one was to watch these films from the awareness that he/she is God, then these things would make more sense. Having said that, we would do better if we eliminated any reference to God or any like term; it works better with this new philosophy. Just saying the words creates space or duality between us and creation. Although it may not be a smart idea to go around telling everyone that you are God, it is the awareness of being God experiencing physical life, which makes more sense to an enlightened mind. You can do all the same things you are now, but from a higher awareness of who and what you really are; while still living in a primitive world.

By knowing the “I Am” God, I am not putting myself in a exalted position of being better or more powerful than anyone else, but I am viewing my life from a perspective that gives realistic meaning to the things I am experiencing and may not fully understand from any other view point.

From this knowingness and seeing the grander picture you would not make any changes to the system. From a personal level of individuality it would make the journey a little easier. Greater awareness manifests into greater experiences and that is all we desire as a creator.

What can bring more comfort to you in your journey than to know that you are God, and that you are creating all that you experience, and there is purpose for everything that you do?

As God, you chose to come here in this physical body to experience being a human in its limited capacity, to explore the five senses and to feel emotion. This whole thought about being God just makes sense after you have thought about it for awhile without fear or pressure, and it works. From this position you will become more aware of your psychic senses and you would develop them and work them into this physical existence enhancing everything that you do.

The world is perfect the way it is. It is a buffet of imagined and unimagined experiences. All possibilities exist to the expanded mind, why limit yourself to life in a very small box? Even Christianity’s icon Jesus said, “You can do these things and more!” This is good wisdom that never caught on. Nuggets of gold or truth can sometimes be found in all belief systems that work in the new world if you look deep enough and are open to them.

In the thousands or perhaps millions of years of humanity, it would seem that we should have caught on to these truths. Although it seems like a very long time, perhaps in the time of the universe it is too early; man has just barely crawled out of the sea. The awareness of these things is within the collective mind and at some point will make itself manifest. I see much more for humanity than what his limited thoughts can now create. For what it’s worth, we are at exactly the right time and place in our evolution and it’s not a race. Throughout our history we have received glimpses of our future through our psychic abilities. Now we need to develop them, so that we can use them in a practical physical world. It’s not about leaving this world, but about using what we have to create something more. We have it all; we just don’t know it yet! And we have miles to go before we sleep.