Speed Boats Getting The Best Deal

Landing on the best speed boat deal relies on 2 factors: the location and the time of buying.

There are two places where you can buy speed boats: boat show and dealer. Conventional wisdom tells us that best deals and rock-bottom prices are available on boat shows since dealers are competing against each other to get your attention and make a sale. While there is some true to it, this wisdom sometimes does not hold water. In some cases, the price of speed boats is slightly higher on boat shows since dealers have to pay thousands of dollars to rent a space to show their boats.

This does not include cost of hauling their boats to and from the show area. You may not even see any difference on the sticker price but the added cost is reflected on other charges. The reason is that, dealers have to recoup the show cost by passing it to the costumers. Take note though that this is not always the case as most dealers have funding for this activity. It is possible therefore that you can get the same price on boat shows as you will get on dealerships.

Meanwhile, it is also possible to get a much lower price especially on the last day of the boat show. This is because dealers are anxious to make a sale so they more than willing to slash on prices. Also, this will also be the best time to make a sale since many bargain hunters choose to buy on the last day of the show.

Conversely, experts believe that best prices are found on dealerships. Again, truth on this claim doesn’t always hold water. The idea is that, you are likely to buy a boat if you visit a boat dealership so dealers (while they are fully concerned on closing a sale before you walk out their doors) are more reluctant to give you further price cuts aside from the standard discounts and add-ons they offer, unless you ask. But since the dealers do not have to pay extra to introduce their boats to you, the price of the boat after taxes and other charges can be lower than what you can get on boat shows.

It is important therefore to do your research and compare different prices on different location. A good tip, most experts suggest, is to go to boat shows, check the prices, learn everything you need to know and visit the dealership later. This way, you can avoid the recoup prices (if there is any) and can ask for special discounts that the dealers offer at the show.

Right timing is equally important when buying speed boat. The best time to buy is always during the off-season, that is, during winter from January to March. However this is only applicable to those who live in colder climates. For those who live on areas with no winter like California, Florida and the Gulf Coast, there is no off-season but dealers are always trying to sell their last year’s model at a cheaper price before the peak season (summer) begins.

The key to getting the best deal is to use these factors to your advantage. For example, buy a speed boat at winder boat show or just before the latest boats arrive and try to squeeze from your dealer every amount they can afford to lose.

Source: https://positivearticles.com