Speed Boats Boat Show Buying Guide

Boat shows are a great venue to see, learn and shop for that dream speed boat. Use these tips to get the most out of your boat shows and help you make an educated decision when buying:

Prepare before going to a boat show
While boat shows are a great venue to widen your knowledge about boats, it is not advisable to go there without knowing anything beforehand. Learn as much information about the boats as you can at home so that when you talk to different dealers at boat shows, you understand the terminologies, know the relevant questions to ask and not take much time from every vendor you can find. Dealers are more than happy to talk to you and explain why should you buy their boats but bombarding them with ignorant questions may be stressful to both of you.

Attend as much boat shows as you can
Experts do not advice that you buy from boat show on your first visit. They agree that you should visit as much boat shows as possible to extend your knowledge about speed boats, which will become useful when it is time to buy a boat. Boat shows are held nationwide. The best time to see the latest models is during the peak season or just before the boating season begins, usually before summer. But if you want to get the best deals, you must visit different boat shows that are held during winter season or those held from January to March. Here, dealers are willing to cut their prices to dispose their last year’s model.

Use boat shows to your advantage
The best thing about boat shows is that you are able to see and learn from different manufacturers under one roof (unlike visiting individual boat dealerships which can sometimes become time consuming and very expensive). Take as much time as you can by visiting different dealers.

Make comparisons not only on the price and features but also on how each dealer representative treats you. Bring a pen and a notebook and take note of your impressions, your likes and dislikes, and your favorite boats and dealers. You can also bring a camera and take pictures of the different boats for quick reference.

Use boat shows to buy from a dealer
Many dealers enter boat shows not so much to make a sale but to gather contacts of potential buyers and persuade them to visit their dealerships. This is because dealers understand the importance of building relationships with costumers, which can be done better at their offices. So when visiting a boat show, do not hesitate to talk to a dealer even if you are not ready to buy. This is a place where you can evaluate your financial positions and determine which dealer is willing to work for your and your needs.

Do not let your impulse rule
Buying a speed boat is a serious financial investment so unless you do enough homework, do not buy one out of impulse. Beginners who can afford to buy right on the site fall prey to their impulse-buying instincts, elegance of the boat and marketing prowess of the dealer’s sales representative.

Instead, try to go during the first days of the show where and learn as much information about the boats as you can. Return or choose to buy elsewhere only if you think you can buy a boat out of reason.

Source: https://positivearticles.com