Specialty Sports Stores or Major Sporting Goods Stores?

In recent years there has been a frenzy of sporting goods stores mergers and acquisitions. This is good news and bad news for the consumer. The goods news is the ability for the larger sporting goods chains to adapt many of the smaller specialty stores qualities.

Today the major sporting goods retailers have learned to use the success of the smaller specialty sporting goods stores in there much larger stores. Dicks Sports Stores and The Sports Authority are the two major players in the sporting goods business that have successfully introduced many of the attributes associated with the specialty store.

Now you can find pretty much any product for your sport of interest. There is an extensive offering of paintball guns, extreme sports, not to mention the perennial team sport products.

When looking for sporting goods stores consider the following:

1. Do they specialize or carry an extensive selection for the sport you are interested in?

2. Can you find online coupons are any other special promotions?

3. When shopping a store, can you easily find what you are looking for?

Sporting goods stores are finally waking up to the reality that they must adapt to their consumers needs both in form of product and shopping experience. Without the focus on the consumer the sporting goods stores will not succeed in the future.