Speak Your Dreams Into Existence

The power of your words is one of the most powerful forces you can use to create what your heart desires.

I discovered the power of “Speaking my Dreams into Existence” in a playful manner.

At the tender age of forty I took my first art lesson and loved it.

I immediately began to say, “I am an artist…”
with a sense of playfulness.

I knew I wasn’t’t really an accomplished artist yet but it gave me so much pleasure to say it and it sounded so good.

Amazingly, within one year’s time, I was charging over one thousand dollars a pop for my beautiful portrait work.

More recently one of my brothers jokingly teased me about taking time off. He called me one Monday morning while I was getting a pedicure instead of working.

He said, “Oh, so, Rebecca, you make so much in one day that you can just take the rest of the week off?”

And I replied, “Oh yes, that sounds so good to me…” After that point, I started playfully repeating his own words to myself.

“You know, I make so much in one day, that I just take the rest of the week off.” Lo and behold, if it didn’t’t come true in less than a months time.

I am am emotional healing workshop leader and within a month my classes started filling up so full that I really did make so much from one day’s work that I could’have taken it easy the rest of the week.

Please realize that I’m telling you this, not to make you feel left out, but to encourage you to do it, too.

That is my sole purpose for sharing anything with you. So you can do it too and because you can do it too…

The vital key here is to keep it light and playful. The energy of playfulness opens your valves to receiving. When we take our dreams too seriously it can cause an energy of desperation which blocks your flow.

If you repeat affirmations with an air of desperation and complete seriousness you stifle the flow. Everything is energy and you attract what you put out, so keep it light and fun while letting the universe know what would be fun for you.

Make it easy on yourself, play a game with this. What dreams would you like to come true? Practice saying them in a joking manner and see how good that feels just to have the words roll off your tounge.

Have fun with your words and “Speak your dreams right into Existence”.