Spanish Holidays

Spain is a beautiful and fascinating country. There are many different aspects to be enjoyed in Spanish Holidays. You can find modern cities that are filled with cosmopolitan bustle to stone architecture of ancient kings and Muslim rulers. From vigorous Flamenco dancing to the quiet times spent in siesta. With Spanish holidays you will find all of these and lots of other exciting things to see and do.

A visit to the city of Granada will take you to the only medieval Arabic city in the world. The palaces of Granada are located in Alhambra. The name of the place means red stone and it is very apt as the buildings are made of red colored stone. The best known palace in Alhambra is called Nasrid palace. This beautiful palace with its richly decorated rooms, many fountains and stunning gardens was built by the Muslim ruler Ibn Ahmar during the 13th century.

Inside of the palace you will find yourself in the Mexuar which is what they called the reception hall. Another interesting room to see is the great hall where the foreign ambassadors of yore gathered to await an audience with the ruler. This place was called the Court of the Arrayanes. When you go to the harem quarters on your Spanish holidays take a look at the Hall of Abencerrajes. The hall has an incredible ceiling that is made of stunning stalactites. It is also true that executions were carried out near the many fountains that grace this hall.

For Spanish holidays in winter the best skiing to be found is on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This is considered as the tallest peak in the whole of Spain. During the spring, summer and fall months you can visit the base of the mountain and look at the unusual plant and animal life that thrives in the shadows of the Sierra Nevada.

Besides these historic views you have the option of going to places like Madrid and Barcelona to see bull fighting if you can take in the sight of bull against man. This is a very glamorous encounter. The bull will be gleaming and ready to fight against the bull fighter, who will be dressed in the form fighting ceremonial bull fighter’s outfit. Be ready to hear the crowds go wild and scream “Ole`”.

To round off your Spanish holidays you can spend sometime at the golden beaches of Costa del Sol. Here in this great resort you can unwind from all of life’s pressures and take in some leisurely scuba diving, try your hand at water skiing, go horse back riding or even just relax on the beach.

As you can see there are many places and things to see and do when you go on Spanish holidays. This marvelous land with its mix of the modern and the ancient will call you back countless times to come and enjoy its beauty and its mystery.