Sowing The Seeds Of Prosperity

There had to be a better way. So that’s what I searched for.

But even though the worst of my life experiences were behind me, frustration mounted. I just wasn’t getting things on track quick enough for my liking.

The agony of not succeeding pushed me to breaking point. And that’s when something perfect happened.

Walking back from taking my son to school one morning, my emotions began to get the better of me.

But just then a driver got out of his car and began to berate a lorry driver who was turning his forty tonne vehicle around in a busy village during rush hour. HE was in a rush.

At that moment I realized my life wasn’t that bad. I wasn’t uptight about work, in traffic getting angry over nothing in particular.

I was also blessed enough in life to be working for myself. and doing something I loved. I just needed to get things moving.

So as the beefy lorry driver rolled his window down and engaged in explanative, I walked on, smiling inwardly.

That’s when I noted I’d dropped all the tension. Suddenly I realized how much better I felt. I liked this feeling and as the months went by I began to make ‘Dropping the tension’ a daily practice.

This is where it gets good…

Back then I didn’t know how I was changing my future when I dropped the tension. I just knew I felt better – more at peace.

During this time I was learning something.

What I began to understand was that you can’t beat the world into the shape you want it to be. Logically, the world is too big for that.

So here is what happened…

I began to see that I was at my best when I didn’t feel tense. I began to enjoy the feeling of peace that flowed through me and I began to like myself better when I felt this way. I wanted more of that feeling.

So my life went on: feel tense, let go; find peace and love, be at my best, like myself better; feel tense and so on.

Then I began to pause at set times of the day to check in with how I felt. I’d find myself in the middle of something and say “breathe”, or “relax” and suddenly I’d find that feeling I was looking for.

My practice taught me that you can’t rush nature. But it also taught me something else – something more profound!

As I became more peaceful I became more in love with life. When this happened the things I’d been struggling to make happen, began to unfold.

What did this tell me?

It told me that and the quickest way to gain what I wanted is to become calmer, more peaceful, more loving.

Eventually I started to see that in every moment we can create the potential for two things:

1. Action

2. Non-action

When you plant seeds you put them in the right kind of soil. You water them, make sure they get the right kind of light, tend the weeds. In between that you you sit back and relax or do something else.

This is action and non-action.

It would be madness to pace around the soil, dig it up, put it back, pace, dig it up, put it back and so on. Intelligently we know we plant the seed in fertile soil, do what’s needed and get on with the rest of life.

Creation takes a little time. It works better with a little peace. And you can’t rush it.

A while back I had desire. I wanted people to become prosperous as a result of us having a conversation.

1. Action – I considered how this would happen and chose the most efficient way I saw this happening.

2. Non-Action – I waited for the opportunities to serve the people I could help.

Today, when I’ve finished writing this newsletter to you, I will spend the rest of the day making interesting conversations with people about them becoming more prosperous. It’s an incredible way to spend a day!

Is it about time you treated yourself to a conversation like this?

With love and good wishes