Southern Caribbean Cruise Destinations

Southern Caribbean Cruises Offer Lots of Choice Destinations

The Southern Caribbean’s island draws are so impressive, songs have been made to honor them. With Aruba, Antigua and Barbados just being a few of the many island possibilities for cruise ship passengers to see, it’s no wonder this portion of the Caribbean is famed for being a favorite for tourists.

While each island in the Caribbean has its own distinct and rich history and geographical draws, they all share quite a lot in common as well. The islands in the Southern Caribbean are famous for their beautiful white, sandy beaches, tropical climates and pristine waters. Offering visitors a whole host of shore activities, the Southern Caribbean is one of the most popular parts of the region for vacationers.

In addition to the tropical beaches, the island of Antigua, for example, offers visitors a whole host of other adventures. There’s cricket, hiking, golfing, biking and even bird watching. Water lovers will find windsurfing, diving, snorkeling and more available, as well. Plus, there are historical destinations, shopping and dining all available.

Cruise ship passengers will find themselves privy to a number of tours if they choose to disembark on the island of Antigua. These include tours of Jumby Bay, hiking excursions, historical tours and more. Cultural experiences are also possible to explore.

The history of this particular island is rich. Visitors will get to see areas touched by the British Royal Navy, the Arawak Indians and more. Plus, there’s Shirley Heights Lookout to see and Nelson’s Dockyard on this island richly influenced by both British and African settlers.

Visitors to other Southern/Eastern Caribbean islands will find a host of other activities just awaiting their arrival. From rum distillery tours on Barbados to Martinique’s botanical gardens, there’s a paradise to see seen in the Caribbean.

Cruise ship travel to the Caribbean is perhaps one of the best ways to get a feel for the islands. By visiting several ports of call in most general trips, cruise passengers get to see and explore a little more than those who head specifically to one island or another. The trips give passengers the best of both worlds while ensuring plenty of access to off board excursions so guests can get a real flavor of the islands.

The Southern Caribbean is home to a whole host of islands, each distinct in its roots and draws, but all quintessential in their tropical styling.