Sources of Equipment Financing Loans In Canada – What Commercial Business Lenders Meet your needs

After Canadian business owners have made the decision to acquire assets for their business they are often faced with the choice of identifying the best ‘source’ of that financing.

Businesses lease or arrange commercial business loans for assets they need for ongoing operations. So who do you turn to for a financial option that makes sense – one that allows you to match cash outflows against the expected benefits of the asset you are acquiring?

In a perfect world, (and trust us we know its not!) you want to find a financing partner that has a good sense of what your business and your overall financial condition is about. Your ultimate goal should be to give your business a financing rate, term, structure and benefits that you deserve.

In one aspect of equipment financing loans in Canada we must regretfully report that ‘ size counts’! What do we mean by that ?Simply that the overall financing size of your commercial loan or lease dictates who your best financing partner will be . We advise clients that in Canada there are in effect 4 tiers of equpment financing size. They are as follows – large ticket, mid ticket, small ticket, and micro. When you know who the best players are in one of those four niches we believe you’re… to quote Charlie Sheen ‘ winning’!

Ever tried to put something in a box that doesn’t fit? It’s quite an unproductive task. That’s why we cringe when we see clients trying to put their box in a lease niche that doesn’t fit. The reality is that many Canadian businesses get the run around only because they have stumbled into the wrong niche. So whats our point, simply that the asset dollar size, type of asset and your overall credit and financial strength very quickly determine who you should be dealing with.

Credit quality is what business equipment financing loans are all about in commercial financing in Canada. Optimally you will get the best rate when you have a decent balance sheet, good cash flows, and a credible business history.

Unfortunately that doesn’t include thousands of business owners who have unpredictable cash flows, some historical operating issues, or who perhaps find themselves in an industry that is ‘ out of favor ‘. Does that mean you can’t be successful in commercial business leasing? Absolutely not , but it does mean that you are now in the category the industry terms as a ‘ story credit’, and its up to you now to tell a good story . If you do that you will get a lease approval, but your transaction will be structured in some manner that affects the rate, term of the lease, or perhaps outside collateral, guarantees, etc.

So who exactly do you turn to for financing you need in equipment? The parties that are offering you financing today are captive vendors, banks (who really are into leasing these days) and independent specialized lease firms of all sizes, types, and ownership. (Many U.S. firms are key players in the Canadian business equipment financing arena.

Want to fast track lease financing approval, and ensure that you find yourself in the right niche and ticket size that we have outlined? Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who will help you manage the process and identify your rights, obligations and key benefits. Get your ‘best deal’ with professional assistance, saving you time… and money.