Soriatane and You: Know the Facts

Worried by psoriasis? Psoriasis a skin condition affects most of us, leaving us clueless for an answer. Although, psoriasis skin condition is not curable but it can treated effectively. Soriatane is one such medication which can aid in the treatment of all 5 types of psoriasis including guttate, plaque, erythrodermic, pustular, and palmar-plantar.

Soriatane is classified as an oral retinoid, which facilitates to regulate the growth of skin cells, thereby helping in treatment of psoriasis. It is suggested to be taken once a day, and is beneficial in initial and maintenance therapy.

Seek a doctor’s advice prior to initiating Soriatane medication, to well-acquaint the suitability of this treatment for you. While pursuing this psoriasis treatment it is essential to know the few facts which can guide you for a safer usage of this medication.

• Soriatane (Acitretin) is a teratogen, which implies that it can source critical birth defects if taken during pregnancy. In addition, birth defects have occurred when conception happened after stopping Soriatane treatment.

• The chance that you may become pregnant must be evaded by you and your dermatologist prior to you initiating this treatment.

• Suspend the treatment until the second or third day of your following normal menstrual period before beginning Soriatane therapy.

• This psoriasis treatment should not be employed by women who are either pregnant or who are likely to become pregnant while undergoing treatment or at any time for at least 3 years subsequent to discontinuance of the treatment.

• Ensure you are not pregnant when you initiate taking Soriatane oral medication. If you an expectant women, you should not take this skin care medication.

• Usage of this oral medication should be refrained from for at least a span of 3 years before you plan to become pregnant. This is essential to completely flush out any traces of Soriatane from the body.

• Refrain from alcohol consumption while you are pursuing this oral skin care medication and for 2 months subsequent to discontinuation of this oral treatment.

• Blood donation should be refrained from while pursuing this treatment and for at least a span of 3 years subsequent to stoppage of the treatment with Soriatane.

• Sharing of your Soriatane capsules on any account with any other individual is not suggested.