Some More Ways to Save Money When You Are On a Budget

Why does everybody think it is so necessary to have a domain name ending with .com ? Why not get a dot info, or dot ws, or some other dot something other than dot com. These others are so much more affordable. With the proper SEO and by submitting articles and posting comments you can still get a damn high Page Rank and still rank high for your keyword choices.

Now, do you see all these books that marketers are trying to sell like making money from YouTube and MySpace? what about all the software and scripts that everybody is selling? If you bought these products not only would you be broke eventually but you will also be on so many different lists. There are a number of sites out there like reselling4profit where you pay a small monthly membership fee and you have access to all the products for free, included in the membership you pay. Most of these products come with full resale rights and the sales page and marketing materials.

If you cannot afford to buy traffic and targeted hits then search for the forums for your niche and register to post comments. In your profile put links in your signature for your sites. You can also just put one link and have that site be navigation to all your other sites.

If you want to increase your site rankings yet they are a lot of competitors. Go to your competitors sites and look at the keywords they are using in their Meta tags. You can also use their domain name in your keywords which will not get you immediate results but eventually when your organic rank goes up then your site will have a good chance at showing up higher than the site of your competition..

This site that I am posting to is WordPress which has automatic pinging every time you add something like a post to your site. You can get WordPress for free and if your site host has Cpanel and Fantastico then you can have it installed and configured for FREE. This will cost you a lot less than having somebody build a site for you.

If you have a brick and mortar business have you tried having the local paper doing a story on your store? what about contacting a charity like the local Red Cross? If they do something with your store then they will create posters and do some advertising for you. Plus you can contact local TV and radio stations because any advertising they do for the event will be a 100% write off for them since you have a charity involved. If you run a business out of your home then find a local business and have them do a charity even where you could then set up a booth at.

When contacting your local paper to have them do a story brainstorm first on what may be newsworthy that they be interested in writing about. If you can’t think of anything then create something. What about having the story done about the charity you will be doing an event with? When my wife and I had a deli by= the beach we decorated the outside with balloons and made it look like we were having a celebration of some sort. We weren’t celebrating anything but a lot of passerby’s stopped to find out what the celebration was.

What about having your domain name plastered across the back window of your car? A lot of people will see this url and if you have no explanation on the window then these people will visit the site to find out what it does. Do not give too much information otherwise why would they visit your site if you told them everything in your advertising or conversations with them?

Now another service that I have been a Free member of for years but will be becoming a paid Gold member of is Veretek. I was talking with one lady who knows these are just bottom of the barrel leads in a way which means it will take you a lot of follow up messages to turn these leads into customers. This lady has gotten 13,000 since August of 06′ now if 1% ends up become a customer then that is over 400 customers for a cost of a lot less than half of a dollar each. Plus they have a lot of other great features in their service.

Stone Evans has a great system for newbies but initially you will end up with a cost of several hundred dollars just to join all the affiliate programs he tells you to join. I used his system last year and it did get me off my butt and actually doing something but after a couple of months the monthly expense for the programs he was involved in was causing a big dent in my monthly budget. You may want to sign up but to not let him talk you into paying for things like Getresponse pro membership and that of SuccessUniversity because even with his program it will take a lot of time and effort to make anything back. When in Stone’s program he has a forum in the Warrior Forum where you can interact with other people that are involved in his program, PIPS.

What has helped me a lot over the past decade is by subscribing to all these marketers newsletters. I make it a point to very rarely ever buy anything from these people but in every email they send you there are some great tips and resources. Now these free teleconferences calls you will get a lot of emails about. Get in on the calls and introduce yourself and your site link at least you will get some visitors this way. By multiplying your efforts over many different channels you will eventually see some good results.