Some facts to know about Mauritius

Mauritius is a beautiful tropical island found in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius is famous around the world for its climatic conditions as well as its numerous beaches and hotels. The maximum temperature that can prevail in Mauritius during the summer can reach around 33 degrees Celsius. As for winter, during the day, the temperature can read around 20 degrees Celsius while in the night it may reach approximately 15 degrees Celsius.

For this reason, Mauritius receives tourists all year round. People who come to Mauritius from cold parts of the world such as England and France, find the temperatures very favourable even during the winter. Normally, Mauritius receives most of its visitors during the summer. During the summer, the sun shines hard over the island providing tourists with the sensation they had come looking for. Sometimes, tourists are unlucky to endure a cyclone during their vacations in Mauritius. Cyclones tend to affect Mauritius during the summer and they can be very nasty by completely spoiling the holidays of one and many.

Even after the passage of a cyclone in Mauritius, the sea remains in a bad condition, certainly not suitable for a dive. One should wait a couple of days before trying to access the sea for swimming or diving. A cyclone can be recognized by high gusts of winds accompanied by heavy rainfall. So, if you are unfortunate enough to be in Mauritius during this time, you have to take the necessary precautions not to venture outside and stay secured in your hotel or villa. If itÂ’s your first experience of a cyclone, you may take a few snapshots or even record the chaos outside from inside your room.

Moreover, the native language spoken in Mauritius is called Creole. However, the official language of Mauritius is English. English language and French language are both taught in all the schools of Mauritius. There are also some schools in Mauritius which teach students Spanish or even German. French language is mostly spoken amongst Mauritians as Creole itself is a derivation of the French language. So, in Mauritius, communication can be done at ease as most people are bilingual. In addition to, the inhabitants of Mauritius all stem from different cultural backgrounds. For this reason, every ethnic group in Mauritius follows its own sets of beliefs and cultures. Nonetheless, every people in Mauritius respect each other and live in harmony.

When we talk about Mauritius, probably the first thing that springs to mind is the Sega. Sega is a music which dates back to the slavery times and can be considered as the traditional music of Mauritius. Practically every people in Mauritius know how to dance the Sega and it is rarely missed during parties. One of the greatest Sega singers of Mauritius is known as Ti Frere, now deceased. Nowadays, Sega songs have become modern and have varied with new singers taking the lead. Some traditional instruments have been kept to hold on to the tradition while the dance has remained practically the same.