Soft tip Darts

The electronic dart board is definitely a hit, especially for home users as they are safer than the old style darts thanks to the soft tip darts used in the game. The soft tips are made from plastic so as not to damage the dartboard, and consequently won’t damage your walls so much either. Also the maximum weight allowed is set at 20grams, which is one of the reasons the old style darters are against the new electronic game, as they prefer the heavier steel tip darts that can be used on the bristle boards. However being made of plastic has its disadvantages too, as the tips can bend or break when in use so you will need plenty of spares for them as well. Fortunately they are very cheap and easily replaced as they screw into the barrel so can be unscrewed and replaced in seconds using a dart tool.

All the major manufacturers now produce soft tip darts, with the famous black widow darts set from Laserdarts and the devastators from Bottelsen, just to name a couple and there are a lot of convertible darts sets around which give you a set of screw in steel tips as well as soft tips, like the skinnys from Bottelsen, so you can use the same darts for both the soft tip and the steel tip games, which is neat. The skinnys also have the famous hammerhead action steel tip inserts that reduce those infamous bounce outs on the wires of the bristle boards. Also the shafts and flights for the soft tip darts are just the same as for steel tip darts.

The black widow soft tips have the spider grip aluminium shafts which are supposed to grip the flights better; four steel wires are anchored in the aluminum base and are covered with heat shrunk rubber to form a firm hold on the flight, and like a lot of the more expensive darts, you can chose from a range of weights from 16 to 20 grams and of course they have their famous spider flights; so if you are in to arachnids, these are for you. They even have a set with a gold colored finish that look really cool called Gold Widow darts, (guess what color the black widow darts are?). Bottelsen have got some great soft tip darts as well, their devastators are very popular as well as the Nemesis set, which have the Bottelsen spinning shafts.

The most popular soft tip though is probably the Piranha, a mid to expensive priced dart that comes in all weights from 12 to the maximum 20 grams and now boasts their Razor grip, which is basically lots of small cuts in the barrel to give a rough surface to aid you in gripping the dart. They also come with “Top Spin” spinning shafts that can rotate so if hit by a dart whilst in the board it spins the flight out of the way so reducing the deflection of the dart coming in.

The darts that come with the dart board sets are err….. how can I put it, not very good, so even the cheaper Soft tip Darts at $20-$30 or so would be a great improvement on those, so if you get one of the all in dartboard sets it is definitely worth investing in a decent set of darts as well.