Social Bookmarking Secret

Social bookmarking secret is relatively a new term employed by bloggers to conceal their identity since compromise is an issue.

Social bookmarking poses an exciting proposal to access information on the internet. Instead of pasting the URL on the browser of the internet, social bookmarking is evolving into a popular option. The advantages are many, social bookmarking sites open up the moment, the internet connection is provided to a laptop or a PC. This will enable the blogger or user to visit the maximum number of social bookmarking sites.

These social bookmarking sites not only maintain a list of visitors, but also compile their profiles. Based on the kind of information accessed by the visitors, the social bookmarking sites create the profile of the visitors. This is a lengthy and time consuming process. However, now, there are applications that can cut down the time of profiling the visitors. Social bookmarking sites profile visitors only to improve their search options for accessing information.

However, there is a category of visitors, who do not wish to receive such feeds. Consequently, they do not want their profiling to be carried out. To ensure that the profiling of the visitors is not carried out, there are two options. The first option is the voluntary disclosure. Visitors to the social bookmarking site can register for the ‘no profiling’ service. This will ensure that their identity is kept secret without being revealed to anybody. If you register for this, the visitor will not be profiled.

Once the number of visits by a particular visitor reaches a preset threshold, the social bookmarking engine resumes an automatic service. It includes sending feeds or information or data relating to the subjects searched by the visitor on a daily basis. The feed can be in the form of news, data, research reports, video feed and images, all relating to the searched options. This enables the visitor to have an in-depth study of the subject.

The second option is to visit the social bookmarking site in disguise. Both are meant to protect the identity of the visitors. More and more visitors are being prompted to maintain their secrecy primarily because of security reasons. Never leave behind a tail after visiting a social bookmarking site. Delete all entries on the social bookmarking site. There are instances of hackers trailing the visitors of bookmarking site. Nobody wants their mail server to be hacked. Therefore, protecting your identity by maintaining secrecy assumes importance.