So you think you hear voices?

Do not worry; it is not the early onset of dementia; you DO hear voices – EVERYWHERE, where you least expect it. You are at the airport ticket kiosk when a friendly voice walks you through the process of obtaining a boarding pass. While on hold for a doctor at an appointment, a caring voice lets you know your call IS important and that you will be helped shortly. As you drive, an authoritative voice helps you navigate through an unfamiliar neighborhood to arrive safely. While hiking the Grand Canyon, you pop in your ear pods and a soothing voice describes BrightAngelTrail as you experience it. The voices you hear? PROFESSIONAL VOICE TALENT!

We are the actors (yes, I said actors) who give you information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in some format or another. Radio, TV, message-on hold, audio books, audio tours, corporate videos, documentaries, e-learning, Web audio, jingles, and video games the list goes on and on. Although technology will continue to enhance our lives, there will always be a need for voice talent professionals to guide you and help you understand the benefits of how technology can make your life more convenient.

When choosing a voice talent, consider a professional, especially one who makes it a point to continually attend workshops in voice training, improv, dialects, audio books, characters, etc. Being adept at cold reads or not having the luxury of seeing the script before the recording session is a huge asset.

A professional voice talent should have a professional appearance and arrive at least 15 minutes before the recording session. Even though you are not seen when your voiceover work is replayed or used, the client will see you when you are recording so it is important to look professional. As a voice talent, you should not show off your character voice talents during dead time (until you really get to know the studio personnel and client). Two more tips to help you succeed as a voiceover talent – do not use foul language, and treat the business of voiceover as that – A BUSINESS!!