Snowboarding Safety Equipment

Safety Gear for Snowboarder

Snowboarding is a great sport for the whole family to enjoy. However, it is considered an extreme winter sport because of the chance of sustaining injuries. These can be due to little slips because of becoming unbalanced or much more serious ones like running into a tree or another boarder. Being a beginner snowboarder it is important to know that you are at much higher risk of becoming injured the first time on the slopes than those more advanced. It is best to invest in safety gear, so that you are not forced to leave the slopes early or end a season early due to serious injury.

The most common area of injury among beginners are the wrists. Typically beginners have a hard time learning how to balance on the board resulting in falling backwards. Falling backwards and catching yourself with your hands can cause sprains or fractures of the wrists. These falls usually happen very quickly and can be quite painful. The best remedy for this problem is to invest in wrist guards. Wrist guards are inexpensive and will help to make your day at the slopes much more enjoyable. With such a low price between $15-$30, there is no reason to allow your wrists to be vulnerable to injury.

Another injury beginners should be cautioned about are of the knees. These accidents are not as common, but usually occur with high impact accidents or unexpected twists and turns. Wearing knee pads can help increase the tolerance of such an impact and help prevent shock to the knees. Keep these in mind when learning new tricks or trying something for the first time.

An area of the body that should always be protected is the head. Wearing a helmet while boarding is extremely important. Head injuries occur on trees, rocks, or on ice and can be quite serious in nature. Helmets have become more fashionable, much smaller, and generally pleasing to the eye over the past few years. Add one of these to your protective gear, so that serious injury does not occur to your head.

Just with falling backwards and injuring wrists, it is possible to injury your tail bone when falling on your rear. For this type of injury, it is recommended to purchase a hip pad. This will protect your tail bone from bumps and hard falls, but it will also help to keep you warm. An injury to the tail bone is quite painful and can usually end your day at the slopes rather quickly. These can be a little more pricey, but your rear will thank you.

The safety equipment needed for snowboarding should be a necessity for all boarders of all skill levels. Putting off getting gear will only increase your chance of becoming injured. Prevent injuries by being one step ahead.