Snowboarding Outfits for Women

Women’s Apparel for Snowboarding

Move over guys, snowboarding is no longer a men’s only sport. With the increase in popularity of snowboarding among young women, manufacturers now make apparel with a women’s touch in mind. Instead of leaving your girlfriend or wife behind on snowboarding trips, it is time to bring her along for the fun and excitement.

Because women’s physiques are much smaller and less bulky overall, companies have jumped on the bandwagon to offer boarding jackets, pants, tees, and hats for girls only. Now women snowboarders have the choice between feminine graphics, prints, and colors to go on their boarding gear. Colors such as soft violets, snowy whites, powder blue, and pretty pinks take over the wardrobes of most women snowboarders.

In most snowboard shops there are women sections with all the latest fashionable boards, bindings, boots, and goggles. An entire new market has been created to focus directly on the needs of women snowboarders.

Before heading out on the slopes, a boarder should always research into the type of board, bindings, boots, and other apparel they would need. With all the different styles to choose from, picking a ‘pretty’ board is not longer difficult. No matter what style there are boards with all different designs. It is important to pick a women’s snowboard for fit as well. Women’s snowboards, bindings, and boots are made differently to fit the body. It is possible to ride a men’s board, but it would ultimately make riding more difficult in the end.

Don’t head out without the proper gear ladies. Pick warm jackets, that are waterproof, but have breathable characteristics. This will prevent your body from breaking a sweat, which can in turn bring your body temperature down drastically. Warm gloves are also important to keep those hands from getting chilled. Being a first-time boarder guarantees lots of contact with the cold snow. Be creative with the color schemes and also try to coordinate all of your gear together. With the new equipment geared towards women’s interest it is possible to make a fashion statement while on the slopes. No girl ever likes to wear goggles, but these new styles for women do not make it so bad after all. These fit the faces of women and protects their eyes from any harmful objects on the slopes.

Thankfully manufacturers listened to the many women snowboarders to create girl only lines. It allows women to express their more aggressive side without having to sacrifice fashion.