Snowboarding Outfits for Men

Men Apparel for Snowboarding

Since the beginning of snowboarding around 1977, the boarding apparel men wear have changed quite significantly. The jackets, boots, boards, and other accessories have been modernized to ensure better survivability in less than perfect boarding conditions.

Like the snowboard itself, the gear the riders are wearing has changed too. Jackets are no longer just a solid color with a plain hood, but rather fashion has become part of a snowboarder’s gear. Men have a better choice between colors when going to their favorite snowboard shop. Of course the purpose of the jacket has not changed, but manufacturers have come up with better materials and layer systems to ensure snowboarders are warm, waterproof, windproof and jackets provide breathing ability while riding down the steep slopes.

The technology behind boots have also come a long way for riders. There are now 3 different types of boots that come in all different looks and colors. Soft, hard, and hybrid step-in are the styles of boots now available to a snowboarder. The most popular of the three are soft boots, which are best for freestyle and freeriders. The purpose of boots are to help support the ankles and feet from hard turns. They also keep feet dry and warm and give maximum control over your board. Men’s boot typically come in neutral colors, making it easier to match existing gear and bindings.

Today’s snowboards are much more than just a piece of wood. They are made with such precision and exact calculations to ensure that a snowboarder is getting the best board for his body type, riding style, and snow conditions. Because men’s physiques are larger, snowboards are built heavier, taller, and with less flex to give the best support. Snowboards are made with a material called P-Tex. Surprisingly this is the same material used on snowboards back in the 1970’s. The newest material for the bottoms of boards is graphite. Graphite produces the fastest snowboard on the market today and is typically only seen on racing boards.

The men choosing to become snowboarders today have a great selection of color and graphics for their gear. Whether most guys want to admit this or not, but boarding gear has become more fashionable. Sets include matching gloves, jackets, pants, and boots to make a statement. Most snowboard shops have huge clothing sections making it easy to find a perfect match for that neon green and black coat.