Snowboarding in Western US

Places to Snowboard in Western U.S.

In the western part of the U.S., it is ideal for snowboard and ski resorts because of the terrain and perfect climate. Because of the steep mountains and deep powder, the western U.S. is considered a haven for those snowboarders who are looking for extended seasons and a chance to try some of the biggest peaks in the U.S. The Rocky, Sierra, and Cascade Mountains are to thank for these beautiful slopes and high peaks.

There are many resort towns in the Western U.S. that can accommodate all skill levels and budgets. States such as Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and California are well know for their slopes and extraordinary powder.

In Colorado there are many towns that have resorts. Some of the towns with resorts include Aspen, Pagosa Spring, Leadville, Beaver Creek, and Vail. Since Colorado has so many resort towns and getaways there is an endless amount of snowboarding frenzy waiting anyone brave enough to withstand these peaks.

Utah is another state with a massive amount of resorts catered to the most advanced and first-timers. The two major towns with beautiful slopes and gorgeous views are Salt Lake City and Park City. With multiple resorts to choose from and even if boarding is not all you like, there are many shops and restaurants to choose from as well. Some of these resorts are open year round to fancy your snowboard crave at any time of the year. With some resorts offering daycare and healthclubs, spas, and hot tubs just a plain weekend at the slopes may become a weekend getaway from reality.

While on the West Coast of the U.S., be sure to stop at the thirty-four resorts currently located throughout California state. These resorts are located on the Sierra-Nevada Mountains giving its surroundings the most spectacular views and boarding conditions. Several towns that are known for their snowboarding resorts include Mammoth Lakes, Lake Tahoe, Bear Valley, Yosemite, and Lakeshore. Most of these resorts’ seasons last between 6 months, however there are a few that go well into May or longer. Be sure to stop at Lake Tahoe where the blue waters never freeze even during the coldest winter days.

Lastly, Idaho also has some spectacular views some boast are even better than Lake Tahoe. Idaho’s resorts are on the rural Rocky Mountains with much less traffic and less crowds to compete with. With the massive amounts of snowfall in parts of these mountains (nearly 300 inches), it is no wonder that these resorts seem untouched by man. Schweitzer, Sandpoint, Sun Valley and Tamarac are just a few of the resorts that will give any snowboarder goosebumps.

The Western U.S. have many snowboard resorts waiting for new people to attack. With such beautiful view and deep powder it is no wonder some of these resorts are sought after internationally. All of these resorts are made possible by their perfect climate and steep peaks.