Snowboarding in Eastern US

Places to Snowboard on Eastern U.S.

Snowboarding is a past time sought by people from all regions of the United States. Because of its increase in popularity, resorts are popping up in regions with less than perfect climates. In the eastern part of the U.S, the climate is not as ideal as in the Rocky or Sierra-Nevada Mountains, but that does not stop those who love snowboarding. Here is a look at resorts on the east coast.

The northeastern states such as Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire have the best climate conditions and mountain peaks for a snowboard enthusiast. States such as Pennsylvania, West Virginia and New York have their share of beautiful resorts with the help of man-made snow when winters do not bring enough to these areas.

In Vermont there are quite a few resorts that appeal to snowboarders. There are several towns with resorts include Smugglers’ Notch, Killington, Stowe, and Stratton. The beautiful views and large number of slopes will be sure to please snowboarders of all skill levels.

Areas of New Hampshire have some wonderful resorts, which include luxuries like daycares and spas. In the town of Bretton Wood, resides the largest resort in New Hampshire. It is full of fast pace slopes, restaurants, and great views. In Maine there are quite a few resort towns that could satisfy snowboarders needs. These towns include Rangeley, Lewiston, and Skowhegan. Maine’s beautiful landscapes will make any one of these resorts a great choice.

Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and New York has a large number of resorts to choose from. Each of them have their own special characteristics. There are beginner, intermediate, and expert level slopes for all people to enjoy. Likewise, there are restaurants, game rooms, miniature golf, hot tubs, and spas for those that like to relax indoors rather than outdoors. Some of the most popular resorts areas in Pennsylvania include Champion, Laurel Mountain, and the Pocono Mountains. The seasons on these slopes are usually short because of the climate in these regions. West Virginia’s commonly known resort is Snowshoe. It also has great views and slopes for all skill levels. Lastly, the two more commonly known resorts are located in the towns of Ellicotville and Clymer. Both of these resorts are great for snowboarders from all areas to try at least once. They are not known for their big powder, but their slopes are groomed each day.

No matter what those rumors are about the east coast resorts, there is still a ton of great views and intricate slopes waiting for the snowboarder who dares to try them. It may not be the best powder, but it is quite a learning experience on east coast snow.