Snowboarding for Children

Snowboarding and Children

It is no surprise that the age of people snowboarding is becoming much younger. Snowboarding is the most popular winter sport out there. So what should you do as a parent once your young child is begging to go snowboarding? Well here are a few tips that should help simplify your decision. Well at the least it will make you well informed about snowboarding for children.

What most parents are concerned about is their children’s safety. It is completely understandable to have some reservations about buying your child a sled for their feet. Snowboarding has its risks for injury, but so do any other kind of winter sports. Inform your child of the risks before letting them go alone on the slopes.

A few other concerns going through a parent’s mind are the costs involved, the gear that is needed and whether it be purchased or rented, and at what age learning to snowboard is appropriate. These are all quite legitimate concerns. Let’s go through each of these 1 at a time.

First, the costs involved can become quite pricey. A lift ticket can be $30 each time they want to go. A board setup with bindings, boots, winter clothing, and safety gear will easily put you into several hundreds of dollars. The board itself can cost $100 alone. A good suggestion is to look into resorts that rent equipment. This will also save you money just in case your child finds that snowboarding is not for them.

Next concern is the age a parent should allow their child to begin to snowboard. Of course this depends on the individual child, mentally and physically. It takes a deal of strength and perseverance to learn snowboarding, but typically 7 is a good age. The first few days on the slopes can be quite painful and rather frustrating to say the least. Make sure your child knows that this sport does not come easily to all of those who attempt it. This is why taking lessons is very important with snowboarding. Unlike skiing, snowboarding techniques are quite different to what we are used to doing. Find out if the local resort offers lessons and enroll your child in them.

Lastly, to protect your child buy them wrist guards, knee pads, and a helmet to ensure that your child will be safe. Make it a day trip and go boarding with your child. It will make them feel much more comfortable to see you there helping them along the way. This can be a great way to bond with your child as well, but also motivate them when boarding gets tough. Good luck and happy boarding.