Snowboard Maintenance Advice

Maintenance for Snowboard

Just as a car needs tune ups, oil changes, and filters replaced regularly, a snowboard also requires tunes up and waxing. It it important to keep a snowboard tuned properly, so that it responds to carving, edging, and gliding appropriately. Never be left in the snow because the snowboard of your dreams is becoming worn and broken down. Here are a few tips in order to keep your board looking and performing its best.

It is recommended to visit a local snowboard shop at least once a year to get the snowboard tuned professionally. Since a snowboard can cost anywhere from $100 to over $500 it is too much of an investment to allow it become dull and worn out. Depending on how much boarding you are doing, it might be necessary to tune more often. Be sure to check your board after every trip to the slopes.

Keeping a professional tuning is as simple as filing the edge very lightly with a fine file, but if in doubt always get the snowboard tuned by a professional. This way no damage is done to the board or to the person riding it due to a poor filing job.

Waxing is another part of maintaining your board’s performance level. This is important with keeping your board in top shape. Waxing regularly will give you maximum gliding potential and will make it easier to control and turn your board. Signs of wear include faint white lines, white patches and a feeling of dryness on the bottom of the board. This is a sure sign that the board is in need of a waxing. Always use the appropriate type of wax on your board. There are many different types of wax that perform differently according to temperature or snow conditions, so be sure to pick the corresponding wax to the conditions in your area. It is best to seek professional help if you are unsure.

To keep your board up to shape and performing at its best be sure to follow these maintenance guidelines. Always keep your snowboard tuned, so that it is easier to control. Waxing the bottom of your board will help with gliding and will have you speeding down the mountain as fast as possible. Following these tips will help to keep your snowboard performing at its maximum potential and will help it to last many seasons to come. Have a great snowboarding season.