Snowboard Bindings

How to Buy Snowboard Bindings

This is an important question snowboarders should have regarding their board setup. Before even looking into buying them you first must purchase your boots. The kind of boots that you purchase directly affect what kind of binding you will need.

Currently the most popular boot and binding setup is the soft boot with the strap on/flow in binding. The reason for this is because any kind of soft boot may be used with this kind of binding giving it the most flexibility. It is also the easiest to maneuver on and off the board. The other options you can choose from include soft or hard step in boots with step in bindings. These types of bindings make it easy to get off or on your board. However, your boot and binding step in system must match perfectly and it allows for fewer options. The final option is the hard boot with a plate/lever binding. This type of setup gives the most control over your board. Alpine or FreeCarvers prefer this setup because of the kind of control it gives them on high speed turns.

The best option for picking the right binding is to visit a local snowboard shop. It is impossible to size oneself without actually stepping foot inside the binding. Bindings come in small, medium, and large which is directly affected by the size of your boot, so take your boots along while selecting bindings. One of the professionals at the boarding shop should be more than happy to help size you. It is best to get an expert’s opinion on how snug the fit should be around your foot.

The plate on the back of the binding is called the highback. The height of the highback depends on what kind of riding style you plan on doing. The most popular kinds of snowboarding, freestyle and non-aggressive freeriders (beginners) will want shorter highbacks to give them the best ability to maneuver.

Whenever trying the binding on for the first time, make sure that your foot is snug and does not move around from side to side very easily. It should be quite snug, but still comfortable in the foot.

Picking the right kind of boot and binding combination is extremely important. If you happen to select the wrong kind of binding for the boots you have already purchased they will not be usable together. Make sure to do some research on what combination is best for you.