Snorkeling on a Caribbean Cruise

Snorkeling, Diving Are King On Caribbean Cruises

For those who want to see the Caribbean from a completely different perspective, cruising doesn’t cut out the possibilities. It’s no secret this region is just as beautiful below its turquoise waters as it is above and for many perhaps more so. With this in mind, cruise lines make sure their guests can see it all if they choose.

No matter the destination, diving or at least snorkeling possibilities should abound. From shipwreck dive tours below the waters off Jamaica to snorkeling adventures on the Caribbean’s coral reef, visitors should not have to worry about missing it.

Since most cruise lines (depending on the length of stay on a island) give their guests plenty of opportunities to explore, dive and snorkel, trips are almost always booked into the offerings. Cruise ship passengers should check with their cruise to ensure they will have a chance to do a little underwater exploring while on vacation if this is desired.

For those who do want to see what lies below, the Caribbean is a favorite of serious divers and even casual snorkeling enthusiasts. The reasons for this are many, but the tops are the shipwrecks and coral reef. Both are prevalent sights in this region virtually no matter the island visited. And both give passengers something to see they aren’t likely to experience in local dives where they are from.

Those who choose to get up close and personal with the Caribbean’s other residents – the aquatic kind – are likely to see a host of fish, coral, sea turtles and even a shark or two. The world under the sea is much different, but just as exotic as that above, and it’s a sight that many divers return to see again and again.

For those traveling by cruise line, the advantages are many, especially for first-time snorkel fans. The guided tours make the experience that much more enjoyable as knowledgeable guides can take divers and snorkeling enthusiasts directly to the sites of shipwrecks and some serious reef action. They can even explain the history and the details of what divers are likely to see, adding a sense of richness to the experience.

Cruising is a great way to get to the Caribbean, but many avoid the adventure because they’re unsure whether they’ll get to see and do the things they’d like. But with cruise lines offering so many possible activities for guests while their in port, there’s really no reason for cruise passengers to miss the view from under the sea.