Snare Drum: A Vital Component of Drum Set

Snare drum also known as the side drum is a tubular drum. It is made out of wood or metal with skins and heads stretched over the top and bottom openings. It has a set of snares or the cords stretched over the bottom head. The bottom drumhead is called the resonance or snare head, as it provides resonance against the top drumhead.
How does a snare drum work? When the top head is struck with a drumstick or any other form of beater, including brushes or rutes, there is a sudden increase in pressure within the instrument which causes the snares to vibrate against the bottom head and produces a short, distinctive, snap-like sound. This effect can also be disengaged whenever it is not needed.
Originally snare drums were used as military instruments. They originated from Europe in the 15th century and 16th century where it emerged as a military instrument. Today this combination of its sound can still be found in modern European folk music. They were commonly called tabor and were used in marching bands in the Swiss military. Today, snare drums are commonly used in contemporary western music.
Snare drum comes in many different sizes, which ultimately changes the sound that the drum produces. The snare drums used in a pipe band, a musical ensemble consisting of pipers and drummers are unique which comes with a second set of snares on the bottom (internal) side of the top (batter) head. Some of the military side drums have this feature as well.
Here are a few types of snare drums:
1. Old Marching Snare or the (Field Drum): This is the diagonally hung snare seen in war reenactments. The heads are made of animal skin, and a rope strung back and forth between eyelets held on to each rim.
2. New Marching Snare: This is similar to any other snare drum concept, but the difference is in the execution of these drums. They are known for their crispness and loudness. They are generally mounted on the front of body of a person like a table on a metal shoulder harness that extends down the chest. The stick used on these drums is also thicker and beefier.
3. Metal snare: Metal snares are what are commonly seen in drum set. They have a piercing and loud tone, which are suitable for pop music. The head is also synthetic or imitation animal skin like the other kind of drum snares.
4. Piccolo Snare: They are smaller snare drums. They have a higher more piercing sound than the Metal snare. They also have a loud tone, which is suitable for pop music. Its size is between 10 and 13 inches in diameter and around 3 inches deep. The construction is similar to that of a metal snare.
5. Wood Snare: this type of snare drum has the clearer and the most distinctive tone. Their sounds are well associated with jazz, blues and classical music settings. They produce a more softer and subtle sound. Even the wood used in making these types is soft wood.