Smoking from All Sides

For the person who is smoking there appears to be enjoyment and a sense of relaxation. This does not apply to non smokers who end up being surrounded with smoking fumes. While you might find it difficult to find areas where smoking from all sides surrounds non smokers, there are some places and countries where this still occurs.

When a smoker lights up a cigarette, pipe, cigar or some such other tobacco product they will need to exhale the excess smoke. The noxious fumes which are exhaled will then cover the surrounding area with smoke, fumes and various toxic materials. This passive smoking can make a non smoker susceptible to the same health problems as a smoker.

Now due to pressure from various groups there are designated places where you can find people smoking from all sides of the area. In these areas the air is thick with smoke and noxious fumes. This is however a needed area as there is sections of the public which are still hooked onto tobacco products.

While these smokers are for the most part aware of the health concerns which can arise with smoking, they still continue with their habit. The people who are at risk from smoking from all sides of an area like a street corner or an alleyway are mainly the smokers themselves. The next group of people will be the people who pass these locations.

You will find that there is a wide cross section of people who can become affected by health problems when they are confronted with smoking from all sides of a place like a smoking section of a restaurant. In a smokers section of a restaurant you will find that smokers eat at the same time as they are smoking. As a result of this the smokers section is filled with the fumes of various types of tobacco products.

This is not a phenomenon that you will see in lots of restaurants but the ones where you have these sections the reality of second hand smoke drifting out to the rest of the restaurant is real. And even though the other diners are not in that section of the restaurant they will still find that they are surrounded by fumes of smoking from all sides of the enclosed restaurant space.

Even today the battle of smokers and non smokers rages on. You will need to avoid areas where smoking from all sides can make you nauseous. The care that you take with your health today will provide you with a healthy and happy life tomorrow.