Smoking Cessation or How Stop Smoking in Nowdays.

Even if you have decided to quit smoking you will often be tempted to smoke .For any one, it will be difficult to renounce a habit all of a sudden. So you should try to gradually give up the habit. Here is your guide to show the best way to quit smoking.Read on..This article highlights

• Why should you quit smoking?
• What are the effective methods?
• Ayurvedic and yoga
• Counseling
• Other popular methods
• The advantages of quitting smoking
• Every smoker realizes that he needs to get rid of the killer habit at some point of time.

However many of them seldom succeed in the same despite repeated attempts.

One popular reason could be choosing an ineffective method or choosing the one that is not appropriate for you. Unless you succeed in making the right move no amount of efforts will help you to quit smoking. Some of the issues with regards to quitting smoking are as follows:

Why Quit Smoking?

The first and foremost reason for quitting smoking is health. Smoking spoils your health badly and leads to many fatal diseases. You end up in paying for smoking and as well as for the subsequent damages to health. Hospital bills can sometimes be alarming especially for cancers and terminal illness. You not only lose money and health but also pollute the environment and endanger the lives of others. Your productivity and concentration is affected more so when you smoke while working.

Quit Smoking Aids

Quit smoking aids help you to give up the habit of smoking. Some of them include nicotine replacement product and therapies like stop smoking hypnosis. These aids will not work if the addiction levels are very high, in some cases. Most of them do not have side effects, but some may not be suitable for consumption if you are pregnant or already suffering from some diseases like cancer or other disorders. Your physician may advise you regarding the same.

Some Effective Methods

There are lots of ways to quit smoking. They range from therapies to counseling to Smoking cessation programs Lots of books help you with guidelines and tips to quit smoking. You can also avail the services of a meditation centre. Lots of websites also offer you information and instructions to quit smoking. You need to plan how to quit smoking before choosing a particular method.

Ayurvedic and Yoga

Ayurvedic treatment for smoking is quiet different from other methods. In an ayurvedic treatment the objective is not only to curtail smoking but also to take care of body, mind and spirit. This treatment not only helps to quit smoking but also helps to cure the areas or parts of the body affected by smoking by natural means. Other methods also work on the same principles but their delivery is on an artificial basis. Ayurvedic treatment does not rely on one particular method for quitting smoking. On the contrary this system incorporates many methods and ensures that the person is able to get rid of smoking in a natural way. Ayurveda recommends few medicines and exercises to help the person to get rid of smoking.

Lots of standard methods for regulating breath and exercises for relieving stress are taught in yoga. If you regularly practice them you are sure to achieve remarkable results. Certain physical postures have to be maintained while performing yoga exercises. If you follow those postures your muscles will be stretched and your mind will be relaxed. You will not only be able to get rid of smoking but from any vice if you regularly practice yoga.


Counseling is another effective method which helps you to eliminate the habit of smoking. In this method more emphasis is on the mind than the body. The counselor makes a psychological impact on the smoker and convinces him to quit the habit of smoking. The smoker also expresses his difficulties and they are rectified now and then.