“Smart Babies”: Learning As Early As Possible

The mind of a child as he or she is in the early years is like an empty basket. This is often called as “tabula rasa” in developmental psychology. This mind is then gradually fed with information from the surroundings especially from those that are very accessible to him or her.

This makes the development of a child’s mind very complicated. There are threats around, but a child must not stop learning because he or she is in the true foundation age of life. The inputs in this stage would make a lot of difference for him or her as growth unfolds. Why does a parent or guardian need to take the most of the time educating or teaching a child on his or her earlier years?

As the foundation of his older years, the things that are being injected in a child’s midst would be carried through until he grows more maturely. If as early as three years, the child is being taught the value of studying, he will surely grow up maintaining the diligence

Having sharper memories, children learn and remember fast. It follows that it is the easiest to teach a four-year-old than a forty-year-old stubborn adult. Children store not that much feeds of information.

The endless studying closely follows, so therefore being conditioned on how important it is to study and how one studies could well be easily realized by children and then follow these guides with promptness. This prepares the child for kindergarten.

Learning is fun and there is fun in learning. Both of these are true for children. With that, parents must try to think of methods that would aid their children’s learning without killing the element of fun. They learn easily if you teach them in a form of play or activities.

This is the best time to teach the child how valuable self-confidence is. Allow a child to do things by himself in some cases. This is not neglecting but a means of telling him or her that he or she could do it alone.

Having the self-confidence with your aid will indeed help your child establish the elements of independence in him or her. This would be a great strength the child would carry with him or her as he or she grows up.

Teaching your children how to learn thing as early as possible in their lives is a kind of lesson from you that they would hold as a great influence throughout their lives. A smart child does not only think but also feels.