Small Business Phone with VoIP

As the owner or manager of a small business, you likely have struggled trying to find a telephone system just fair for your office needs.

A large corporation may be able to absorb the costs of an PBX system and the staff to maintain it. Nevertheless you as a small business owner probably have a call for for a much more efficient, and cost-effective option.

With a single receiver or multiple lines, advanced technologies exist which can be both affordable and easily administered by your existing office staff.

Traditional Small Business Telephone System

To understand how far phone systems have come, it is valuable to understand where they have been.

Small business call system options of the past were usually a collection of many individual lines, each dedicated to the apply of one or two handsets.

This drove costs up, and it made simple features like internally transferring calls almost impossible.

Computers could all be connected to one in-house router, and all the office needed was one Internet connection. This was not the condition with call systems without some serious PBX equipment.

Today’s Small Business Call System Options

With the explosion of the Internet, programmers started addressing the limitations of existing telephone systems and developed a much more efficient technology with “Voice over Internet Protocol” or VoIP.

VoIP makes it potential for you to create and receive calls through your existing machine network rather than through traditional method.

Essentially, your calls arrive at your desk the same method that your e-mail messages do. And they do so through your existing Internet connection, rather than a bunch of expensive lines.

VoIP Cost Savings

One of the biggest advantages for small businesses using VoIP is the cost savings.

Rather than a multitude of lines coming into your building, and then physically running the cable inside your building to each extension, you simply apply the existing Ethernet cable, which is already installed for your computers.

You also see savings in long-distance charges since you create all of your calls over the Internet rather than through the utility association.

Upgrades and Expansion

When it is date to upgrade or expand to fit more users, the task is as simple as plugging in a fresh call.

Gone are the days of having to run fresh wire to the handset and manually programming the central PBX to handle the calls to and from.

This advanced “plug-n-play” technology allows your telephone set-up to be easily upgraded and completely scalable for your growing business needs.