Small Business Opportunity – Painting Dazzling Stars on People’s Ceilings

Painting stars on ceilings is the world’s easiest and most profitable painting businesses to start. if you are looking for a small business opportunity that offers instant income whenever you need it, this is it.

It is called star mural painting and it is all about turning people’s bedroom ceilings into a night time planetarium of stars. It is possible to earn hundreds of dollars for each ceiling you paint all for just a couple of hours of pleasant work. This makes it the world’s easiest painting business.

As a matter of fact anyone who is a teenager or even 70 years old could easily own and operate their very own star mural painting business. The average star mural takes less than an hour or two to complete and goes for around $250.

Just think if you did two star murals per day for a whole week? You could earn $2,500 – $3,000 in just one week! This is professional income and your market is endless as well.

More advanced star scenes that can increase your profits per job include shooting stars, small galaxies, UFOs, space battles, the Milky Way, etc.

The market is unlimited due to the fact that just about everyone loves the thought of sleeping under the night time sky and most people have several bedroom ceilings in their home. Many homes now have game rooms or home theater rooms also.

A star mural ceiling is invisible during the daytime but at night the stars magically come to life when the lights go out. This gives the illusion of actually sleeping under the stars outdoors.

My wife wouldn’t part with our bedroom ceiling. It has the Milky Way stretching forth across the night sky plus several of our favorite constellations that are seen all night long.

Can you imagine what kids would think if they saw a ceiling like this? Do you think they would want one just like it? How about mom and dad? Some people like the idea of stars on their bedroom ceiling because they find it to be romantic.

Again, a basic star mural costs about $250 on average and will only take someone an hour to two hours to complete. A highly-detailed star scene can be sold for a thousand dollars or more.

The best way to get good at creating stars on ceilings is to get good at making your own demo posters to show to interested people. Seeing is believing and once they see one of your posters they will eagerly write you a check then and there on the spot.

A great way to start is with children’s rooms. As you get better at making these amazing star murals you can do more advanced star scenes for teens and adults and charge premium prices.

Also, star murals can be created during the daytime and offers you a chance to make as much as $2,500 – $3,000 per week and MORE working just part-time hours. Again, this is one of the easiest and most profitable small business opportunities to start.