Sleep On It!

What do you think about before you go to sleep? Does it really matter? What you think about could be very beneficial and profitable to your life. While your conscious mind takes a break as you sleep, your subconscious mind actually stays very active. Because of this, the thoughts that you think about before you drift off to sleep are vitally important.

Many people end their day by watching the news, which is usually negative and depressing. When they go to sleep after pouring all that junk into their minds, they are basically saying, “Okay subconscious mind, work on all that stuff.” And people wonder why they wake up depressed, negative, and with no ambition for the new day ahead?

Your subconscious mind is at work day and night, including throughout your slumber. Have you ever heard the expression, “I’m going to sleep on it?” I remember watching a movie and when faced with a problem, the main character said, “I’ll sort it out in the morning.” Many times after “sleeping on it,” a person wakes up with a solution, or at least, a direction in which to proceed.

One day, a man had diligently worked for hours towards a solution to a problem, yet still knew that there was something missing. He went to sleep, still trying to grasp that missing piece. His thoughts before he fell asleep were focused on unearthing the solution. He said the next morning he suddenly woke up feeling “the greatest excitement.” In a short amount of time thereafter, Albert Einstein wrote his first draft of a new article – a full thirty pages. It was the start to his theory of relativity.

There are a lot of people who wake up right before their alarm goes off. Does that happen to you? Is it just a habit, or, before falling asleep, do you consciously think about what time you want to get up? I think it is the latter.

Personally, the only time I use an alarm clock is when I need to get up much earlier than usual. However, every time, it seems like I still wake up before the alarm goes off. Before falling asleep, I was very aware that I needed to get up earlyÂ…and the next morning, my subconscious mind stepped in, telling me it was 4:30.

Why not tell your subconscious mind some really positive things before you nod off to sleep? Things like, “I am going to wake up happy and refreshed,” or “I am going to get some good, peaceful sleep and tomorrow I will get a lot done,” are some excellent examples.

There are many programs that suggest doing your affirmations right before you go to sleep. Some recommend reviewing your goals at that time. The Bible talks about not going to sleep angry. Why? Because the Creator designed the brain and He knows that it’s not beneficial to you.

Here’s something to try. Take note of what kind of mood you are in as you go to sleep. Emotions are a product of your thoughts. Change your thinking so that you don’t allow yourself to fall asleep in a doubtful mood, or in a depressed mood, or in an angry mood.

If you fall asleep in a negative mood, you are impeding the work that your subconscious mind could be doing for you while you sleep. You are losing ground and also losing precious time.

Whether it is your affirmations, or goals, or something you are working on and trying to solve, take careful note of what you are thinking about right before you fall asleep. Your subconscious mind is going to be working all night on something anyway, so why not give it something profitable?

Successful people develop successful habits – it just doesn’t happen automatically. You can take charge of your life in so many little seemingly insignificant steps. However, some of these “little” things will reap enormously profitable dividends in your life.

So have a sweet, peaceful, productive sleep!