Skydiving Suits

Every skydiver knows that they have to wear a skydiving suit or a jumpsuit before they jump. What people don’t know is that no suits are built alike and each one is custom made.

The reason why skydiving suits need to be custom made is because the wrong outfit may affect your jump. Think of it like using the wrong equipment to do a task and then a problem occurs.

Skydiving suits are grouped into two basic categories. There are the free flying suits and the recreational jump suit.

Both suits are easy to put on. The free flying suits enable the skydiver to do aerial acrobatics like sit down while cross legged in mid-air or descent at high speeds towards the ground.

To be able to do execute such a move in mid-air, the free flying suits have to be made of lightweight material so it creates less drag and a good example of such a material is supplex.

Supplex is a Dupont certified nylon fabric. It has a soft cotton-like hand with high water and wind resistant properties. It has high abrasion and is tear resistant. Aside from supplex, you may also find skydiving suits made from cotton and polyester blends.

Recreational suits on the other hand are made of denser materials in order for it to have greater drag and lift. This will also keep the suit from tearing off especially in areas where the grips will be attached. These are usually made from nylon and polyester. These are the ones commonly used by skydiving teams.

Because of the increasing number of skydiving enthusiasts, there are a lot of manufacturers you can get in touch with to make your suit. They are more expensive than what you will find off the shelf but it is worth every penny.

If you are just starting out, you can rent a suit from the skydiving center. Just be sure to check it for tears, rips and obvious wear. If everything looks good, try it on and see if it fits. Don’t forget to check the tabs and zippers as well. If you enjoyed your first jump and plan to do it again, this is the time you should consider getting a new one.

Keep in mind that it takes eight to ten weeks to make custom made suit so you will have to rent one until yours finally arrives.

Skydiving suits come in different designs and colors. You can get a V-neck or a high one. This may also come with a few safety features like elbow and knee pads

The skydiving suit is one of the most important things you must have before you jump off a plane. Without it, your body will not be able to withstand the temperature up there and you will most likely freeze to death even before you hit the ground. This is why every jumper is required to wear one and have this inspected first by the instructor.

Keep in mind that there is no skydiving center in the country or in the world that will allow you to go skydiving without a skydiving suit. If you are going to do this regularly, make your own and then have this made in the color and design you want so you can stand out among the crowd.