Skydiving Magazine

There are a lot of publications pertaining to fashion, cooking and parenthood. Did you also know that for certain sport like skydiving there is also one that you can subscribe to?

Indeed there are skydiving magazines around. Chances are you didn’t really attention to it when you were looking at the newsstand but it’s stacked somewhere in between the shelves.

If you do not find it there, you can look for it online because there are a few that have a website so you can check out. In the website, you can order a sample copy or browse through a sample issue. This is posted in adobe format which you can download into your computer.

For those who like the skydiving magazine, they can start subscribing to it.

You get a new copy each month and the cost depends on how you want it delivered. If this is done by regular mail, it will cost less but if you request it via first class mail, then the price is more than double. Subscribers can also get a copy of this even when they live outside the US.

There are three packages you can choose. The first is for a one year subscription that consists of 12 copies, the second is for 2 years which is 24 copies and last is for 3 years to receive 36 copies. You will get your first copy after your payment has been processed and selecting one of the packages.

The website also gives you the chance to renew your subscription when it is about to expire. If you signed up right now and realized that there was an interesting back issue, you can also order this from them.

In order for the skydiving magazine to get feedback from its readers, you can submit letters to the editor and news or tips through their website. You are also given the opportunity to upload pictures you have taken which hopefully will appear in their next issue.

You just have to follow the guidelines they have set with regards to writing and photography. One example is they don’t want skydiving fans to write about their first jump. If you plan to write on a certain topic, it is best to get in touch with their editors first because there is a chance that someone is already working on the same topic.

Another thing you will be happy to find in the skydiving magazine is a calendar which will tell you when and where a skydiving event is taking place. If this happens to be near your neighborhood, you should check it out and hang out with other skydiving enthusiasts.

Some skydiving magazines have been around for more than 20 years while others much shorter but try their best to give their subscribers what they want. This could be pictures, tips and anything else related to this extreme sport which the reader will love to read when the copy is delivered to their door.

You won’t a show yet on television dedicated to skydiving but you will sometimes see a clip. Until someone is able to make that happen, people will have to rely on the sky diving magazine to keep up with the trend.

If you think about it, there are a lot of activities that don’t have their own shows on television and putting pictures and letters in print is perhaps the next best thing.