Skydiving: All About Sky Diving

Have you ever considered sky diving? Do you wonder what sky diving would feel like? Do you know much about sky diving? Sky diving definitely looks like, a frightening experience.

One of the very first things to consider is location. If you are already planning a vacation and wish to skydive while you are there, then look up information on your destination. Unfortunately, not all places will have skydiving facilities. However, you may luck out and find one close to your destination, though you may have to drive a little distance. But, if you are planning a trip based around your skydiving, then you have the freedom to go just about anywhere.

After learning the basics of sky diving; prepared and eager, if I went sky diving I think I would start in Italy. Because sky diving is such a popular sport, there are dropzones all over the world. I’d like to find one in Italy where I could jump out of an aircraft into a beautiful picturesque location. I’ve always wanted to go to Italy so this would be the perfect opportunity to see visit the area and practice my skills, if I went sky diving.

From what I’ve learned, if I went sky diving, I’d definitely start with the tandem jump. Because this method is said to be easy and quite safe, I’d try this first. I know I’d be harnessed to a master sky diver and makes me feel much better. If I went sky diving, I’d skip the accelerated freefall, that’s too advanced for me. I’d stick with the large parachute and take a tandem sky dive.

Skydiving requires the participant to be in very good health with no major problems or disabling conditions. Universal restrictions include heart or lung conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes, and certain neurological disorders such as seizures or epilepsy. However, a visit with your doctor prior to your arrival will provide you with more accurate information regarding your specific case, and your doctor can advise you if skydiving is permissible. Also, be sure to call the facility prior to your arrival and ask about health requirements.

If I went sky diving, I’d get on the Internet and search every possible website for sky diving information. I’d look for material related to sky diving locations, equipment, techniques, requirements, anything the Internet would provide.

If I went sky diving, I’d definitely want to be well informed regarding what to expect once I arrived at the dropzone. I’d need to know what was provided at the dropzone in the way of food and lodging.

There is so much important information I would require if I went sky diving. I’d get my hands on sky diving books and magazines. I would log on to a sky diving message board and probably ask questions. If I went sky diving, it would certainly be a big deal.